Warning Tape

You can prevent accidents and keep people safe with the right hazard tape, warning tape or barrier tape to hand. Warning tape can be seen as a catch-all term for different types of type such as hazard tape, anti-slip tape and barrier tape. Warning tape is often black and yellow in colour, but other colours are available. For instance, barrier tape is often red and white in colour. Hazard tape instantly alerts employees or passers by that they need to take care. This could be near some steps, uneven ground or obstacles of any kind. You can also use hazard tape to mark trailing cables or even a lane marking solution. Black and yellow hazard tape is often used as anti-slip tape to prevent people from tripping or falling on a slippery surface. Barrier tape cordons off areas as no go zones. For use as a quick solution to stop people entering zones where there may be hazards such as broken glass or a slippery surface. You will often find barrier tape is non-adhesive, allowing you to easily tie it to cones or other suitable places. All types of warning tape are available in a variety of widths and lengths to meet your exact requirements. Pack quantities vary by product. You can choose from self-adhesive and non-adhesive options. Ordering your Warning Tape from Springpack really couldn't be easier! Don't forget, we deliver the next working day if your order is placed before 3:30pm.