e-tape & Dispensers

e-tape is a high performance and high quality tape, suitable for use for many packaging requirements. Our wide range of e-tape & Dispensers are world renowned for their quality and high performance. All rolls are 150M in length, meaning a significant saving in downtime when changing the roll - we even offer a range of 3" Dispensers. e-tape is an ideal space saving system too. As each roll has 127% more tape than a standard 66m roll, with the same diameter. The tapes offer a 56% reduction in core waste which provides an eco friendly benefit to the tape. And the popularity of e-tape is all down to its core. With a small core and an increased amount of tape, your productivity increases, with less roll changes and downtime. E-tape is available in buff, white and clear colours, and we also stock a range of printed taped. The printed tape has options of "FRAGILE", "CONTENTS CHECKED" and "SECURITY SEALED" tape. As well as tape dispensers, we also stock strapping dispensers. E-tape is suitable for all types of packaging applications and also performs well in cold temperatures. So if you need a good, strong and reliable tape for cold rooms or freezer rooms, this is an excellent option. Contact one of the Packaging Pros to discuss your requirements today! Ordering your e-tape & Dispensers from Springpack really couldn't be easier! Don't forget, we deliver the next working day if your order is placed before 3:30pm.