Emba-Protec Suspension Packaging

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Protective Packaging from Emba-Protec

As a provider of protective packaging, Emba-Protecs primary focus is ensuring the safe delivery of your goods.

They provide comprehensive solutions that encompass aspects such as packing efficiency, logistics, procurement, and warehousing. They also pay close attention to transportation considerations and the aesthetic appeal of the packaging solution, ensuring a well-rounded approach. Drawing from these factors, only the most suitable products for your needs is selected and specified.

Suspension and Rentention Packaging Solutions from Emba-Protec

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Who are Emba-Protec?


As an industry partner, they specialise in supplying cutting-edge protective packaging solutions tailored specifically to safeguard your sensitive products. They achieve this by leveraging state-of-the-art machinery, efficient management practices, and a team of highly qualified professionals who swiftly implement both novel and proven innovations to ensure your success.

The natural outcome of the rapid pace of technological and economic advancements is the shortened development and lifespan of your products, coupled with a constantly expanding array of offerings. In addition, packaging must remain adaptable to evolving processes within product logistics. Their protective packaging systems are strategically positioned to meet this evolving trend.

With nearly 10,000 square meters of storage capacity at their disposal, they can guarantee “just-in-time” delivery. By entering into a comprehensive agreement with us, you can benefit from large-volume production, resulting in cost savings for you, as you can receive smaller quantities as needed. We offer immediate delivery from our warehouse, and there are no transportation costs to bear. Emba-Protecs commitment to adapting to your products and requirements reflects our dynamic approach.


When you decide which is the right system for you, we offer you intensive assistance. Special developments are implemented by our team using the latest CAD systems. We take account not only of all possible storage and transport conditions of your product, but also the entire work process of your company.

On request, drop tests can be prepared to UPS Standard (DIN ISO 2248) or G-value tests. We can also offer you material analysis to check the quality of your corrugated cardboard packaging. We also guarantee constant high quality in our own production.

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