Double Sided Tape

Double sided tape has adhesive on both sides of the tape, allowing two parts to be stuck together by the tape between them. You can therefore stick two surfaces together in an invisible manner by sandwiching the tape between two materials. The tape is pressure sensitive which makes it very easy to apply. It also has a very strong adhesive hold which can often bond easily to rough and uneven surfaces. You can use double sided tape for a range of purposes such as bonding, mounting, splicing and metal fabrication. It is widely used across a variety of industries as well as for home use. There are additional benefits associated with double sided tape too, such as corrosion resistance, solvent resistance, UV resistance and a tolerance of high temperatures. Our range of Double Sided Tape is no different and has a wide variety of applications. From packing, through to use in cars and houses, you can make use of this tape is many ways. The high tack polypropylene tape is very strong too. Supplied with silicone release backing paper for ease of application. 33m and 50m lengths available. 6 1/2mm, 12mm, 18mm, 19mm, 25mm & 30mm widths available. Ordering your Tape from Springpack really couldn’t be easier. Don’t forget, we deliver the next working day if your order is placed before 3:30pm.