Low Tack Protection Tape

Low tack protection tape is recommended for protecting sensitive surfaces from damage. It is used extensively during product processing and storage in warehouses or while in transit. It only takes a small scratch to your product for your customer to send it back. With low tack protection tape, you can help prevent against returns. Low tack tape is also great for protecting your product from getting dusty. If you’re storing products for a significant period of time, it’s inevitable that dust will accumulate in certain places. Again, with low tack tape, you’re helping to protect your product from dust damage. During the product assembly stage, low tack protection tape is also incredibly useful. Just like with the end product, each individual component needs to be protected from dust and damage. To apply this tape, ensure that the surface is completely clean and free from dirt, dust or any type of residue. Our range is laminated to 80 micron. Black and Blue tapes are available. Both are ideal for use on polished metals, PVCU profiles and other plastic substrates. The Black tapes are available in 25mm, 48mm, 100mm and 150mm widths. The Blue roll is 48mm in width, and 40 micron. All rolls are 100m in length. Box quantities range from 12 to 72 rolls per box. Ordering your Black or Blue Low Tack Protection Tape from Springpack really couldn’t be easier. Don’t forget, we deliver the next working day if your order is placed before 3:30pm.