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Bespoke Packaging - Springpack

Bespoke / Branded Packaging – Designed for your Needs

Here at Springpack we believe you should give your product the packaging it deserves. In some cases, an off the shelf solution simply won’t do, which is why we offer Bespoke Packaging Products. We work with you to produce bespoke packaging items that are specifically designed to protect your product. From bespoke cardboard boxes for unusual shapes to personalised packaging tape, we’ve got it covered.

Here’s a rundown of our Bespoke Packaging Products process…

Step 1: Understanding your packaging requirements

First things first, we will sit down with you and discuss your requirements and the measurements of the products you need to package. These requirements can vary, from needing ideas to ensure the packaging is environmentally friendly, needing an extra level of protection for fragile products, or even exploring the option of branding the packaging to increase brand awareness.

Step 2: Designing your bespoke packaging solution

Once we have an understanding of these requirements we can get to work on designing your bespoke packaging, sometimes with the addition of the company logo/branding in the most visible section. This may involve designing alterations to one of our stock items or creating a completely new design. In either scenario, we determine how we can provide the protection the product needs, while also being as eco-friendly as possible in regards to materials and processes. We also always keep in mind how we can keep costs to a minimum whilst still providing the top quality packaging we are known for.

Merchandise Packaging

Step 3: Producing a sample

Sometimes in order for you to be 100% sure you need to see it in the flesh. If you are happy with the design but would like to see a sample, that’s no problem! Depending on whether it’s amends to a stock item or an entirely new design, and depending on the nature of the product, we may need to charge for the sample to be made. In some cases we can reimburse this cost if you go ahead with the order after the sample has been made, depending on the quantity of items ordered.

Packaging Sample

Step 4: Amending the design if necessary

If amends are required these will be completed and another sample will be made at an additional cost.

Packaging Amends

Step 5: Producing the final packaging

Once you are happy with the sample of your bespoke packaging we will take your order and get the items made for you! Then all you need to do is see the difference a bespoke solution can make to your packaging process.

Our most common bespoke packaging requests…

  • Boxes for unusual shapes/sizes
  • Printed boxes with customer logo/branding
  • Bespoke boards/wraps
  • Tapes – we can offer a vast range of specialist tapes as bespoke items
  • Printed Tape – a great way to display your logo and branding, whilst making a package look smart and recognisable
  • Bespoke printed or plain poly bags

If you need an unusual packaging item and you can’t find it here on our website, get in touch to discuss our Bespoke Packaging Products service today and we will be very happy to help!

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