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Packaging Supplies

Our mission at Springpack is to provide you with an efficient packaging solution and an unrivalled customer service experience. We’re always on hand to help you find the right packaging supplies. And as one of the leading packaging suppliers in the UK, you can rely on us to listen to your packaging needs no matter how big or small. We’re based in Worcester and our warehouse typically holds 8-12 weeks stock of our major lines so we can offer you next day delivery on orders placed before 3.30pm.


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Huge Range of Packaging Products Online

When it comes to sourcing the most suitable packaging supplies for your business, it can be quite a daunting task. Especially when you don’t exactly know what you’re looking for. But we’re here to help. And we have a huge range of products available online, giving you the complete flexibility to make choices best suited to your business.

Whether you’re a large business shipping B2B or an independent store posting straight to your customer, we have all your packaging needs covered. Our jiffy bags are ideal for those smaller items.  They’re made with a 100% recycled paper fibre lining and tough outer paper exterior to protect your products. If you need to protect delicate items, eco-friendly bubble wrap ensures they’re kept in a protective layer that softens any in-transit bumps.

Other core product lines include e-tape which streamlines your packing process. And postal boxes made from high quality corrugated cardboard that’s incredibly robust and holds its shape well. We also have pallet wrap which helps to secure your goods on pallets.

E-Commerce Packaging Supplies

You don’t need us to tell you that competition in e-commerce is huge. So ensuring you’ve thought through every aspect of the customer journey is essential to stand out against your competition. And what packaging you use plays a huge role in that journey too. We offer a wide range of e-commerce packaging supplies including letter mailers, resealable boxes and reinforced paper tape.

If your business offers your customers a returns service, you should use resealable postal boxes. These boxes make it incredibly easy for your customer to properly reseal, ready to send back. Letter mailers also a great choice to ensure your customer’s order is delivered even if they’re not at home to answer the door. The level of thought that goes into your packaging can really have a lasting impression on your customers and encourage repeat sales.

We always reiterate how important it is to ensure your package is well protected. You can fill your e-commerce orders with bubble pouches or airpacks to add an extra layer of protection. Not only that, but many of our boxes are designed to securely hold and protect a package weighing up to 10kg.

Eco-Friendly Packaging Supplies

Customer buying habits are changing to favour companies that actively use eco-friendly packaging. In the past, consumers have actively called out businesses that use an unnecessary amount of packaging for their products. Taking time to work out what shipping supplies you need for specific products will not only improve your carbon footprint but save you money too. You might find that you only need mailing bags. Or you might need a selection of postal boxes of different sizes.

Swapping single-use plastic for plastic-free alternatives is a quick way to ensure your packaging is more environmentally friendly. At Springpack, we offer eco-friendly packaging supplies including paper mailing bags that are 100% plastic-free. You’ll also find gummed paper tape made with a water-soluble adhesive that securely seals your boxes. All in all, a much more sustainable alternative to plastic parcel tape.

Bespoke Packaging Supplies

In addition to our core packaging range, we also offer bespoke packaging supplies. Our bespoke range includes carboard boxes, printed tapes and poly bags. Bespoke packaging may be the right solution for your business if you have an unusually heavy, fragile or sharp product. Or you might want to grab the opportunity to create more brand awareness and really stand out to existing and prospective customers by customising your packaging with your brand logo and unique selling points.

Whatever bespoke packaging route you choose, we always take time at the beginning of this process to get a clear idea of your requirements. You can always talk to our packaging professionals to see how we can bring your ideas to life. But you can also rely on the team to offer professional advice on everything from proper protection for delicate items to eco-friendly packaging solutions. And remember, every order is completely tailored to the needs of your business. So to ensure the final product is perfect we can always send a sample to you to try first.

Large or Small Scale Packaging Solutions

Whether you’re a large B2B business offering a huge variety of products in different sizes, or a small business specialising in crafting items in small batches, we provide solutions for both small and large scale operations. You can easily shop our packaging products online. And if you place your order before 3.30pm we’ll aim to deliver your order the next working day.

If you’re likely to spend over £20,000 annually and if buying bulk packaging is more appropriate for your business, then we do offer discounts for larger quantities of protective packaging. But you do have the complete flexibility to buy in much smaller quantities and in singles too.