Springpack, a leading forerunner in packaging solutions, proudly introduces its latest tape range ReelBond. With six distinct variations catering to a diverse range of needs, the ReelBond Tape Range promises supreme performance and reliability for all your packaging requirements.

When precision and delicacy are paramount, ReelBond Light tape delivers exceptional performance. Its lightweight yet robust composition ensures secure sealing without adding unnecessary bulk. Perfect for delicate items or lightweight packages, this tape variant provides the necessary strength without compromising on finesse.

Balancing strength and versatility, ReelBond Medium tape is engineered to handle a wide range of packaging tasks with ease. Whether sealing medium-sized packages or securing shipments for transit, this tape variant offers reliable adhesion and durability to meet the demands of various packaging applications.

Designed for professionals who demand nothing but the best, ReelBond Pro tape sets a new standard in packaging excellence. With its advanced adhesive formula and reinforced construction, this tape variant excels in even the most challenging packaging scenarios. From industrial applications to high-stakes shipping, ReelBond Pro tape ensures optimal performance and reliability.

When durability is non-negotiable, ReelBond Heavy tape rises to the occasion. Engineered for demanding packaging tasks, this tape variant boasts superior adhesion and resilience, making it the go-to choice for securing heavy packages or withstanding rough handling during transit.

For cost-conscious businesses, ReelBond Economy tape offers a budget-friendly solution without sacrificing quality. Designed to provide reliable sealing for everyday packaging needs, this tape variant is an economical choice for businesses aiming to optimise their packaging expenses.

Setting the standard for eco-friendly packaging, ReelBond ECO tape is crafted from sustainable materials without compromising on strength or durability. Ideal for businesses committed to reducing their environmental footprint, this tape ensures secure sealing while prioritising sustainability.

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    Key Features of the ReelBond Tape Range:

    Superior Adhesion: Each variant of the ReelBond Tape Range is engineered to deliver exceptional adhesion, ensuring packages remain securely sealed throughout transit and storage.

    Durability: With varying levels of strength and resilience, the ReelBond Tape Range offers options tailored to the specific needs of different packaging tasks, from lightweight parcels to heavy-duty shipments.

    Versatility: From eco-conscious solutions to professional-grade performance, the ReelBond Tape Range encompasses a diverse range of variants to accommodate a wide spectrum of packaging requirements.

    Reliability: Backed by Springpack’s reputation for quality and innovation, the ReelBond Tape Range provides peace of mind, knowing that your packaging needs are met with the highest standards of reliability and performance.

    Whether you prioritise sustainability, cost-effectiveness, or professional-grade performance, the ReelBond Tape Range has you covered, becoming the only tape range you will ever need.