Custom Printed Tape

The use of Custom Printed Tape really helps you make your packages stand out, especially if you are using plain Cardboard Boxes. It’s quick and easy to design too, so contact the Packaging Pro’s with your requirements today!



What Is Custom Printed Tape?

Here at Springpack we believe you should give your product the packaging it deserves. In some cases, an off the shelf solution simply won’t do. And this is why we offer a Custom Printed Tape solution.


We’ll work with you on the type of tape you need, and the design. Personalised packing tape will really help you to stand out from your competition, so contact us to discuss your options.


Custom Printed Tape




Bespoke Packing Tape In 5 Easy Steps

Let us take the stress out of producing a bespoke Tape solution for you. In just 5 easy steps, you’ll have a roll of Custom Printed Tape in your hand!


  1. First, let’s discuss your requirements. We’ll ask you what the tape will be used for, the size you need, and how many rolls are required.
  2. We’ll then  look at some design options, marrying your company colours or logo, along with adding any required text.
  3. Next, we’ll produce a sample for you to test and approve.
  4. If any amends are needed, we do this once you have tested the tape. We’ll produce a new sample for you to approve too.
  5. Once approved, we’ll ‘push the button’, and your Custom Printed Tape will be with you in a matter of weeks.



What Tape Can Be Custom Printed – Polypropylene, Vinyl Or Paper Tapes?

All types of tape can be custom printed, so whatever you need, we can brand it for you! Let’s take a look as some of the differences in the materials:


  1. Polypropylene tape (or PP tape), is the most common tape material used. Its strength, durability and resistance to breaking, or tearing, makes it an excellent solution.
  2. Due to its thickness, Vinyl tape is considered superior to Polypropylene tape. It can withstand more tension, and it’s quieter too!
  3. Paper Tape and Gummed Paper Tape are very much the new kids on the block. With the switch to eco-friendly solutions showing no signs of slowing, we believe this is the future of tape. As the tapes ‘bond’ to the box, they offering a secure, and tamper evident taping solution.


For more information on the different types of tape, please click here to read our blog.



Custom Printed Paper Tape

We’re often asked about eco-friendly options to traditional tape materials, and Paper Tape comes out on top. It is 100% recyclable, and fully customisable. Why not click here to read about our tape solution for John Lewis of Hungerford.


Offering customers an eco alternative is a really strong message for all brands. And because we fully believe it’s the way forward, we have even produced some Springpack branded Paper Tape!


If you are looking at eco-friendly paper tape, look no further than our Paper e-tape! It is manufactured from strong Kraft paper, and a natural rubber-based solvent. The adhesive is so strong, it sticks to any grade of cardboard, and it can even be frozen!


Check out our video on the features and benefits of our Paper e-tape!




Custom Printed Gummed Paper Tape

Our range of Gummed Paper Tape, can be customised too. With strong eco credentials. and standard, semi-reinforces and fully reinforced options, this range is proving really popular too.


If you are looking at branding a water-activate Gummed Paper Tape, we would recommend its use with a Gummed Paper Tape Dispenser. Please click here to view the dispenser. Here’s a short video on the features and benefits of using the machine too!




Springpack Recommends

When it comes to tape, we always recommend you consider where the tape is going to be stored, and it’s also important to think about where it is likely to be sent. Different tapes react differently to temperature changes, and performance can be impacted too.


Here are the 3 golden rules for storing your tape:


  1. Always store tape in a dry location.
  2. Always store your tape between 15°c and 25°c.
  3. Never leave tape in direct sunlight.



Our Range

Here at Springpack, we stock a huge range of Tapes. For more information on the range of tapes we supply, please click on the categories below:


Polypropylene Tape  Vinyl Tape  Gummed Paper Tape



Pre-Printed Tape  Warning Tape  




If you’d like further information on our Custom Printed Tape solutions, get in touch with the Packaging Pro’s today! You can give us a call on 01905 457 000, or email us at [email protected].

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