Plastic Free July

Here at Springpack, we are taking part in Plastic Free July!

This July, we are holding a competition over on our Linkedin Page.

You can win 100KG’s of plastic diversion via Switch to Zero (You’ll even get a Certificate) and a sustainable chocolate treat!


What is Plastic free July?

Plastic free July is an annual event where we all try and reduce and remove plastic use from our lives. In 2024, Plastic Free July is all about “Small steps, big difference”. Over the last 5 years, a shocking 10 billion KGS of plastic has been avoided because of this campaign!


How can I get involved?


If you’d like to make a pledge to Plastic Free July, you can do so here.



What are Springpack doing?


Team Springpack have been hard at work reducing our disposable plastics.

Reducing plastic


What is Plastic Diversion?

Plastic diversion is the act of diverting plastic destined for landfill into recycling streams so it can be used again.

Why is plastic in landfill bad?

Plastic in landfill can take around 5000 years to degrade (that’s as far away from us now as the Bronze age!). As it slowly degrades, it releases chemicals and microplastics into the environment, damaging the world around us.


Good Luck!

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