John Lewis of Hungerford: The Packaging Challenge…

… & a bespoke packaging solution.

The John Lewis of Hungerford story began in 1972, when founder John Lewis, opened his first shop in Hungerford, selling hand-crafted wooden furniture. Nearly 50 years later, the company has gone from strength to strength, and now boasts a retail estate of 13 showrooms.

Offering bespoke, hand-crafted, made to measure kitchens, as well as dining and bedroom furniture, John Lewis of Hungerford only use the highest quality materials. Andy Tucker, Head of Operations, at John Lewis of Hungerford, expanded “We only source timber and materials that comply with the highest forestry and sustainability standards”, and the pride that is taken when producing each piece is clear to see.

Yet there was a packaging conundrum that had to be solved, that ensured every hand-crafted piece arrives with a customer undamaged, and ready to be installed, or placed in the family home.

The Challenge

Before the packaging solution was discussed with Springpack, the team at John Lewis of Hungerford were using a large amount of bubblewrap to ensure their products arrived undamaged at the desired location.

Whilst this solution did provide a low damage rate, the presentation simply didn’t match the quality of the item within. Andy continued “The packaging is often the first thing our customers see, and it didn’t have the look we were after. We work tirelessly to ensure we source sustainable timber, and produce high quality painted product yet we were previously used a significant amount of bubblewrap as packaging. This didn’t match our environmental ethos, so something had to change.”

The “Hassle Free” Solution

Following a series of meetings with Springpack, and where specific samples were presented and discussed (and discounted!), a solution was agreed upon – simply put, 3 bespoke cardboard wraps, that can be trimmed to size, and held in place with eco-friendly, branded paper tape.

Dan Griffiths, Springpack’s Business Development Manager, charged with providing the solution explained “John Lewis offer such high-quality products, I had to come up with an idea to that would really fit their requirements. The use of the cardboard wraps could be deemed too simplistic by some, but it allows flexibility, and an improved look, which is what Andy was after. The addition of branded paper tape really helps to finish the packaging off nicely.”

It’s clear to see how much this means to Andy and the team at John Lewis of Hungerford, as Andy proudly stated, “The packaging now matches the look and feel of the products within, and not only have we seen our damage rates reduce still further, there are cost savings on the packaging too. It’s win-won for us!”

He continued “The service we received from Dan and the team at Springpack is second to none, offering hassle free packaging solutions”.

As we all know, the storage of bubblewrap can often be difficult, due to the size of the product, and with the cardboard wraps all supplied flat-packed and palletised, this solution also offers a space saving too. Andy commented “The new packaging has allowed us to rationalise the amount of space required for storage, and given Springpack offer a service to hold stock for us, we’re able to run a really lean, and call off stock for next day delivery”.

So, What’s Changed?

The implementation of the cardboard wrap has allowed John Lewis of Hungerford to now present their items in packaging that is not only easy to store, more environmentally friendly, and suitable for all manner of items, but it also now matches the quality of the items being delivered.

Perception is a hard thing to measure, but products leaving the warehouse are now packed in a manner that the team are happy with, especially as the packaging is more environmentally friendly

The future

With the continued environmental pressures facing manufacturers, it’s refreshing to see John Lewis of Hungerford are looking to further enhance their green credentials, by enquiring about the opportunity of using 100% recycled cardboard for their wraps, as well as a series of other environmentally friendly packaging products.

Here at Springpack, we’re always looking at different environmentally friendly products for our customers, and we’ll certainly be up for the challenge of providing 100% recycled cardboard for the wraps

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