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The best tape for packing boxes is brown paper e-tape. Made from Kraft paper, brown paper e-tape has a strong adhesive that can stick to any grade of cardboard. There’s also 127% more tape on a single roll of e-tape than a standard roll of tape. This means you’ll be getting an efficient and cost-effective solution for packing boxes. Brown paper e-tape also looks great when applied to packing boxes. And if that’s not enough, it’s also fully recyclable.


But there are plenty of other options too. Gummed paper tape is water activated and binds to the cardboard to create a tamper-evident seal. Printed tape is perfect for highlighting that your box’s contents are fragile. And then there is polypropylene or vinyl tapes more suited for light use in a postal room or moving small boxes.


Whether you’re running a large-scale removals company who provide a packing boxes service, or you have a small scale e-commerce setup, you’ll need to decide which tape is right for you. So, let’s run through your options for the best tape for packing boxes.



1. Brown Paper E-Tape

Brown paper e-tape is your best option for packing boxes, especially when you know you’re going to be packing a lot of boxes. That’s because each roll of e-tape comes with 127% more tape than a standard 66m roll. And if you’re packing a lot of boxes, you’d be wise to consider a silent e-tape dispenser too. The ergonomic dispenser makes your life a little bit easier when packing boxes and minimises any noise while you work.


Brown paper e-tape is also fully recyclable and provides a 56% reduction in core waste. With a smaller core and an increased amount of tape, your productivity increases, with less roll changes and less downtime. Not only that, but due to the smaller core, e-tape will not take up any more space, even with all the extra tape per roll.


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2. Biodegradable Gummed Paper Tape

If you’re looking for a super strong tape that has a tamper-evident adhesion to your packing boxes, you should choose gummed paper tape. It has become an increasingly popular option for packing cardboard boxes across all industries. And that’s because of its strong water activated seal. As well as providing a tamper-evident seal, it also has a high resistance to variations in humidity and temperature. Therefore, you can use it confidently knowing that it’ll stay strong in cold warehouses and throughout its shipping journey. Even if you’re shipping your boxes overseas.


Gummed paper tape also looks great when all your boxes are taped up. And it doesn’t get more eco-friendly than biodegradable tape either. You can recycle it along with your cardboard boxes, or just pop it in your biodegradable waste separately.


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3. Pre-Printed Tape

When you need to provide a highly visible and easy to read message on your packing boxes, the best tape to use is pre-printed tape. Pre-printed can help to reduce damages and returns, keeping your goods safe through transit. The tapes adhere well to cardboard boxes and are suitable for use with tape dispensers. Among others, messages on pre-printed tape include:


  • Glass
  • Fragile
  • Caution
  • This Way Up

There’s plenty more options too. But if you can’t find a suitable message, contact us about our bespoke packaging.


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4. Vinyl Tapes

Buff and clear vinyl tapes have always been one of the best tapes for packing boxes. They have a strong and long-lasting seal, and they’re also tear and burst resistant. Importantly, vinyl tape also performs well in extreme temperatures, which means your goods will remain secure in transit or in deep freeze environments.


As an added benefit, vinyl tape can also be used to insulate electrical wires. And it also comes in multiple colours, meaning you can use vinyl tape to mark lanes on your vinyl floors. So, if you’re looking for a more general-purpose tape, vinyl tape is a great solution.


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5. Polypropylene Tapes

Polypropylene tapes, such as Denva PP tape, offer great value for your packing room. Look for a high tack tape, which will stick down firmly to cardboard boxes, even in cold rooms and freezers. Best used for small or lightweight boxes to keep them secure during transit.  From a simple postal room right through to the busiest of warehouses, good quality PP tape can be a great solution for packing cardboard boxes.


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6. Glass Filament Tapes

It’s recommended to use glass filament tapes for your packing boxes if you’re looking to secure especially heavy goods. Glass filament tape is a heavy duty and immensely strong tape. As the name suggests, the tape is reinforced with glass filaments which provides a high tensile strength. It can be used for all manner of packing applications, but especially so where strength and security are paramount.


There are two types of filament tape available. Monofilament, where filaments run in one direction. And Crossweave, where filaments are cross woven in two directions. Monofilament and Crossweave tapes are available in a wide range of widths and can also be printed with company details.


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7. X-Pro Tape

X-Pro tape is great option for packing boxes due to its high tack and low noise qualities. The high tack adhesive will stick to your cardboard boxes firmly. And because its high tack, there is minimal chance of the tape coming lose, catching or rubbing off while in transit. X-Pro tape also comes with its own dispensers, which you can purchase on the Springpack website.


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Don’t forget to Choose the right Cardboard Boxes

When it comes to packing boxes, whether that’s for house moves or transporting goods in extreme environments, you’ll also need to make sure you’re using the appropriate cardboard boxes. After all, the best tape for packing boxes is only as good as the box its sealing.


So, here’s a quick overview of your cardboard box choices too:

  • Single Wall Boxes – ideal for lightweight goods and non-fragile items
  • Double Wall Boxes – the double wall construction means they can bear more weight and will be more suited to handling fragile items
  • Heavy Duty Pallet Cases – can be used as additional support for smaller boxes to fit into or for large and heavy items
  • Postal Boxes – can be made up in seconds and are ideal for e-commerce solutions


For more information on which box to choose, read our guide to cardboard boxes.



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