Biodegradable Gummed Paper Tape

Biodegradable tape or ecofriendly tape will provide your customers with a positive impression of your business from the moment your product arrives. Our biodegradable gummed paper tape is eco-friendly, strong and tamper proof. This will ensure you won't be compromising quality secured packaging for an eco-friendly product. This eco tape bonds with the Carton or cardboard box as soon as it's placed down. This therefore provides additional strength and security. The bond effectively creates a seal that is almost impossible to tear once it is securely applied. If tampered with, the removal of the tape will also remove the top layer of the box. This biodegradable gummed paper tape is water-activated and works in cold and ambient temperatures. This means it can also be used for shipping abroad. You can use biodegradable paper tape such as this for all kinds of shipping in cardboard boxes. Due to its strength, the paper tape will secure your goods safely. The tape is 100% recyclable and made of recycled materials. If you are looking to enhance your green credentials with ecofriendly tape, contact the Packaging Pros today! The tapes are 200m in length, with a 100m option too. Tape widths range form 48mm to 96mm. When it comes to colour, brown and white options are available. Pack quantities range from 16-28 and vary by product. Price discounts are available when ordering bulk. The tapes require a specific dispenser for use. Please click here to view the BP555 Electronic Tape Dispenser. Biodegradable Sticky Paper Tapes are perfect for your packaging stations, and ordering it from Springpack really couldn't be easier! Don't forget, we deliver the next working day if your order is placed before 3:30pm.