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A Guide to Cardboard Box Packaging

If you’ve poured time, resources and effort into creating a product you’re proud of then you need a packaging solution that encompasses that. Sometimes a packaging solution can be an afterthought but it’s fundamental to ensuring your customer gets the product the way that you intended it to be received.


The humble cardboard box is a staple of the packaging process. Everyone knows the excitement of receiving an inconspicuous brown box, but when it comes to the packaging abilities of said cardboard box, there’s actually a lot to think about.


Whether you’re shipping electrical goods or expensive jewellery, there’s plenty to consider about what you need from your packaging solution. That’s why Springpack provides a broad range of versatile carton and case packaging solutions to meets the demands of its valued consumers.


What are cartons and cases?

Cartons and cases are a form of packaging that partners simple appearance with security during transit. Simple to secure and built of strong material to protect packaging contents, the use of cardboard as the primary material for these cartons and cases provides a convenient solution for deliveries.


The strength of a cardboard box or case will depend entirely on the composite of the material it is designed from e.g., single wall and double wall structure or occasionally a triple-wall carton is called for if the items is exceptionally bulky. Cardboard is featured in so many aspects of business efficiency and its durable, versatile properties ensure that packaging arrives exactly how it’s supposed to.


Cardboard boxes are often chosen as the stronger alternative over other options due to this design versatility because it allows users to apply the material how they want. Not to mention it can be an eco-friendly, cost-efficient material that still provides the necessary peace of mind for packages.



Types of carboard box packaging


Single Wall Boxes

For everyday packaging solutions, the single wall box takes the crown. Low-cost, simple and suitable for most non-fragile products, this classic cardboard box design is used across businesses everywhere.


When it comes to presentation and performance, these boxes can definitely be trusted to deliver (or be delivered). Available from stock in a huge assortment of sizes and made from a single sheet of strong rigid flute corrugated board, this cardboard box can provide comfortable security for more robust items.


However, combining this secure cardboard box with our fantastic range of protective packaging can mean even more fragile items are protected.


Double Wall Boxes

Double wall boxes are a better solution for tougher packaging jobs. With the ability to bear more weight per case and a strong wall composition, these cardboard boxes can support more delicate items that need a little extra protection.


They are manufactured from durable kraft papers and are also available in a large array of sizing options. For long-term storage options, these cardboard boxes are often the more effective solution and there more rigid qualities mean they can take some knocks.


Heavy Duty Pallet Cases

Pallet cases are fantastic for sending multiple packages at once to a further afield destination. Often, combining packages in one place can end up being cheaper than shipping individual cardboard boxes at any stages — especially if the location is in Europe or even further.


If your package also exceeds regular parcel limitations then a pallet case can be used to bypass these.


Springpack’s pallet case products are a heavy-duty range of strong, durable four-way entry pallet cases that are made from a water-resistant double wall corrugated board. For use of ease, the sleeves can be cut down to accommodate varying load height. This option makes them a versatile but strong asset for unconventionally sized products.


Book Boxes

Book box mailing packs are specifically designed to be sent through the post and are a very secure option for smaller, more delicate items. They are ideal for mailing books, diaries, catalogue and many other similarly sized items.


Springpack’s range of book boxes don’t require the use of tape and glue as every pack comes with a complete self-adhesive strip which ensures speed and ease of closure. For specific retailers that are utilising the book and literary market and for those dispatching relatively small items, this packaging solution is a fantastic way to ensure your customer gets their product how they intended in a neat and professional-looking package.


We stock a wide range of sizes available for next-day delivery, so book boxes can be used for a wide range of applications.


Postal Boxes

We supply an extensive range of popular sizes of diecut postal boxes for all your smaller packaging item requirements. Our postal boxes are manufactured from high quality corrugated board and can be made up in seconds!


With this solution you can benefit from a unique system for sending fragile items to your customers through the mail. They’re fantastic for subscription boxes and can be personalised to include company branding values and details.


Cotswold Collections used our bespoke design for their postal box packaging solutions. Read more about their requirements and how we delivered solutions we could be proud of in our blog post here.


What is the advantage of single wall boxes vs double wall?

Single wall box:

  • Constructed utilising one layer of fluting
  • Most commonly used boxes for eCommerce shipping packaging
  • Cheaper alternative to double wall
  • Lighter for shipping
  • Great for clothing and food industries


Double Wall Box:

  • Can withstand more damage
  • Better at stacking
  • Better for more fragile and heavy goods


The requirements (i.e. weight. Size and shape) of your packaging products will entirely determine which solution is best for your business. Single wall boxes are suited to lighter items that are not too fragile, but double walls can support more weighty items that need more protection..


How to choose the right box packaging?

When it comes to choosing the right box packaging it is important to evaluate your needs against the ability of the packaging solutions available. By understanding the weight and size aspects of the content you will be shipping then you can make a step toward getting a high quality packaging solution. This is something that one of our #packaginpros can help advise you on, should you need it.


You need to know that it’s going to work for you. To maximise profits it’s important to keep packaging costs low which is why we provide competitive prices on all packaging solutions and do great discounts when purchased in bulk. Invest in packaging you can trust because damaged products are always going to cost more than a poor packaging solution in the end.


Choosing the right supplier can also make all the difference. When you choose use our products you can be sure you’re not only doing the right thing for your business, but for the environment as well. You can read more about packaging and the environment to learn how Springpack helps to promote an environment-friendly solution.



Don’t forget the tape! We have a large range of tapes and adhesives in stock for next-day delivery. Using the right tape for your application, and ensuring you are using the correct dispensers for the tape you use can lower packaging time requirements easily. One of our #packagingpros can help advise you what would work best in your application – simply call us or drop us an email, and we will be happy to help!

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