A Guide to Cardboard Box Packaging

If you’ve poured time, resources and effort into creating a product you’re proud of, you need a packaging solution that encompasses that. Sometimes a packaging solution can be an afterthought. We think it’s fundamental part of ensuring your customer gets the product delivered safely. And the humble cardboard box is a staple of the packaging process!

Whether you’re shipping electrical goods or expensive jewellery, there’s plenty to consider!

What Are Cardboard Boxes?

Cardboard Boxes, or cardboard cartons and cases, are a form of packaging that partners simple appearance with security during transit. They are simple to secure, and built from a strong material.

The strength of a Cardboard Box will depend entirely on the composite of the material it is designed from. Generally speaking a single or double wall box is used. Triple wall cardboard boxes are sometimes used for really bulky items.

Cardboard boxes are incredibly versatile! Not to mention they are an eco-friendly, cost-effective packing material.

Types Of Carboard Box Packaging

Single Wall Boxes

For everyday packaging solutions, the single wall box takes the crown. Low-cost, simple and suitable for most non-fragile products, this classic cardboard box design is used across businesses everywhere.

When it comes to presentation and performance, these boxes can definitely be trusted to deliver. Made from a single sheet of strong rigid flute corrugated board, this cardboard box provides security for more items.

Combining this secure cardboard box with our fantastic range of Protective Packaging offers additional protection.

Double Wall Boxes

Double wall boxes are a better solution for tougher packaging jobs. Having a double wall construction means they can bear more weight per box.

They are manufactured from durable Kraft papers and are also available in a large array of sizing options. For long-term storage options, these cardboard boxes are often the more effective solution. As they are more rigid, they can take some knocks!

Heavy Duty Pallet Cases

Pallet cases are fantastic for sending multiple packages at once to a further afield destination. Often, combining packages in one place can end up being cheaper than shipping individual cardboard boxes.

If your package also exceeds regular parcel limitations then a pallet case can be used to bypass these.

Our pallet cases offer a heavy-duty & durable packing solution. We even manufacture them from water-resistant, double wall, corrugated board! The sleeves can be cut down to accommodate varying load heights too.

Book Boxes

Book box mailing packs are specifically designed to be sent through the post. They are ideal for mailing books, diaries, catalogues and many other similarly sized items.

Did you know that our range of book boxes don’t require the use of tape? Every pack comes with a self-adhesive strip, which ensures speed and ease of closure. This packaging solution is a fantastic way to ensure your customer gets their product in a neat and professional-looking package.

We stock a wide range of sizes available for next working day delivery too!

Postal Boxes

We supply an extensive range of popular sizes of die-cut postal boxes for all your smaller packaging item requirements. Manufactured from high quality corrugated board, our postal boxes can be made up in seconds!

With this solution you can benefit from a unique system for sending fragile items to your customers through the mail. We can personalise you boxes to include your company branding too!

Cotswold Collections used our bespoke design for their postal box packaging solutions. Read more about their requirements and how we delivered solutions we could be proud of in our blog post here.

What Is The Advantage Of Single Wall Boxes vs. Double Wall?

Single wall box:

  • Constructed utilising one layer of fluting
  • Most commonly used boxes for eCommerce shipping packaging
  • Cheaper alternative to double wall
  • Lighter for shipping
  • Great for clothing and food industries

Double Wall Box:

  • More robust
  • Better at stacking
  • Better for more fragile and heavy goods

Single wall boxes are suited to lighter items that are not too fragile. Double wall boxes can support more weighty items, that need more protection.

How To Choose The Right Box Packaging?

When it comes to choosing the right box packaging, it is important to think abut what you really need. If you understanding the size of your products, can take a step toward getting a high quality packaging solution. This is something that one of our Packaging Pro’s can help advise you on, should you need it.

You need to know that it’s going to work for you. To maximise your profit, it’s important to keep packaging costs low. This is why we provide competitive prices on all packaging solutions, and offer discounts for bulk purchases. Invest in packaging you can trust! Damaged products are always going to cost you more than a poor packaging solution, and that’s where we can help!

If you’d like further information on the products we offer, why not get in touch with the Packaging Pro’s today! You can reach us by calling 01905 457 000 or by emailing [email protected]. Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel too!

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