Advantages of Using Paper for Packaging

Paper and Cardboard packaging is becoming increasingly popular as an environmentally friendly and cost-effective alternative to plastic packaging. It is often reusable, curbside recyclable, and offers a variety of design and printing options to improve your branding.


Here at Springpack, we offer a wide selection of paper packaging. This includes eco-friendly padded envelopes, large rolls for void filling, and kraft paper parcel tape. We have created this guide to explain different varieties of paper and cardboard packaging and their advantages.



Self Seal Paper

Self Seal Paper is a great new innovation in the paper packaging world! These big rolls of paper are great for helping you save time by removing the need for staples or tape. Self Sealing Paper sticks to itself using a rubber latex coating. This glue-free latex coating does not leave any unwanted sticky residue on your products.


Our rolls of Self Seal Paper are available in 80gsm or 240gsm.


Kraft Paper for Wrapping Products

Kraft Paper Rolls are a great wrapping paper for a multitude of different things. Kraft paper can do it all, whether it’s a gearbox for a Ford Escort or scrunched as a void-fill option to protect a porcelain doll, the possibilities are endless.


Our brown Kraft Paper comes in a wide range of widths, roll lengths and thicknesses.


Void Fill Paper in a Box

Paper in a box is a great option for void fill. Paper in a box as a void-fill option has the advantage of being easier to store than big rolls of paper because it is in an easy-to-stack box.


It is 100% curbside recyclable.


A further benefit to using paper for void fill is that the end user can clearly see you are using a plastic-free option, and this will encourage end users to recycle it.



Ri-Pad Paper

Ri-Pad paper is scrunched to when needed shape using a paper void fill machine, called a Ri-Pad.



It is a great option for all void-fill applications, please watch the above video to see how it is used.



Self-Adhesive Brown Kraft Paper Tape

Brown Paper E-Tape is made from strong Kraft paper and a natural rubber-based solvent. It is a perfect eco-friendly tape for e-commerce and can usually be used as a direct alternative to traditional tape.


All of our self-adhesive and gummed paper tapes can be bespoke printed to your requirements.



Gummed Paper Tape

Gummed brown paper packing tape is one of the most common options for eco-friendly postal packaging in the UK!


To use our Water Activated Gummed Paper Packaging Tape, you will require a gummed paper tape dispenser, such as the Activa Electronic Gummed Paper Tape Dispenser. These dispensers work by wetting and activating the perfect amount of tape and pre-cutting it into your specified lengths. This tape is available as standard tape, semi-reinforced or reinforced.


We have a huge range of paper tape for packaging anything from boxes of screws to a microwave!



Packing Tubes

Cardboard packing tubes are a highly regarded method for sending long products, such as windscreen wipers or posters. They are a great way to “Shrink the box” as you waste very little space packing your product into a parcel tube, vs packing the same product into a traditional box.


Packaging tubes are sealed with end caps, which are rigid enough to not require tape, though can be taped for your peace of mind.


Tissue Paper For Wrapping Products

Before you buy tissue paper, we always recommend you check that you are purchasing acid-free tissue paper. We have a post explaining the importance of this over in our Information Pack area, Click here to see this.


Bespoke and coloured tissue paper is a great tool for sharing your branding with the end user. It can be used to wrap your products or can be used for void filling.


Bespoke printed or coloured tissue paper is often found in shoe boxes, and gift boxes or is used to protect small components from dust, dirt or scratches.


Here at Springpack, we are one of the most trusted suppliers of printed tissue paper in the UK. Discover how Springpack can revolutionise your packaging operation with bespoke products – book your free packaging audit.



Honeycomb paper packaging

Honeycomb Kraft Paper is an eco-friendly option for protecting items during transit. It is incredibly strong, yet lightweight and has amazing flexibility.


The Honeycomb paper has lots of “Cells”, which interlock to provide its superior strength and rigidity. It is 100% recyclable and it is a plastic-free alternative to bubblewrap.


This is one of the few packaging materials that can easily be torn by hand. This is a great advantage over bubble wrap because it saves time on not requiring to cut the material.



Anti-rust paper

Anti-Rust Paper is pure Kraft paper which has been impregnated with an active inhibitor to protect ferrous metals from rusting or tarnishing during transportation and storage.



Royal Mail Parcel Boxes

We sell a wide range of parcel boxes suitable for use with Royal Mail’s parcel sizing.


Royal Mail Size guide

You can save lots of money by shrinking the box, and sending your small, flat products in a large letter postal box that conforms with Royal Mail’s Large Letter Size instead a standard, small parcel box.


To view Royal Mail’s parcel size guidelines, please click here to be taken to the Royal Mail website.


We hope this guide has been useful to you and has helped you understand different products and their applications. If you have any questions about packaging or would like to book your free operational packaging review, please get in touch by clicking here.

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