Special Papers

Anti-rust paper contains an active inhibitor which protects your products from rusting. When your metal goods can sometimes be sat in storage for a long time, you'll need appropriate paper to ensure no rust occurs. Our anti-rust paper also benefits from not leaving any greasy or waxy residue. This allows your products to be easily handled when they are needed. 2 sizes are available across 50GSM and 55GSM. This product is ideal for protecting all kinds of goods. From small, metal parts or something as sizeable as an engine, VCI paper is a great solution. If you need a waterproof solution, Kraft Union paper is resistant to moisture. It is constructed with a layer of bitumen sandwiched between two layers of paper. This creates a tough paper which is ideal for lining packing cases. In addition to this, it offers excellent moisture protection. 2 sizes are available, both at 120GSM. Browse our range of Special Papers, including Kraft Union and VCI Anti-Rust papers below. Ordering your Special Papers from Springpack really couldn’t be easier! Don’t forget, we deliver the next working day if your order is placed before 3:30pm.