Orbitwrapper Machine/Systems

Our range of Orbitwrap™'s pallet wrapping machines comprises of the 2000A STD and 2000B PPS pallet machines. Both are semi-automatic machines, that are simple to use. A full wrapping cycle is achieved with just a push of a button! The use of a machine is a real time saver. Wrapping pallets by hand can be time intensive, so investing in a machine to do the hard work can make a real difference. Items are wrapped in a fraction of the time compared with wrapping by hand. You can also efficiently manage the use of pallet wrap, meaning you will waste less and control your material costs with ease. Because of the time saving offered by an Orbitwrap pallet wrapping machine, you’ll be able to increase throughput and improve your packaging efficiency. You can also pick up compatible machine stretch film which can be used with the Orbitwrap pallet wrapping machines. The Orbitwrapper machines come with clear visual displays, where you can control speeds. There’s also access to an emergency stop button for safety. Ordering your Orbitwrap™ Pallet Wrapping Machines from Springpack really couldn’t be easier. Don’t forget, we deliver the next working day if your order is placed before 3:30pm.