Polythene Top Sheets

Polythene top sheets are sometimes referred to as pallet covers or pallet toppers. They provide a simple solution to protecting the top of your pallet from dust and moisture. If you need to store your pallets outside, polythene top sheets can provide protection from rain. Equally, if you’re storing pallets in a warehouse for an extended period of time, pallet toppers such as these polythene top sheets will protect your pallets from dirt and dust. For even more protection, you should consider using pallet covers in conjunction with over pallet protection such as Pallet Wrap. That way, your products will remain secure, safe and clean. Our range of Polythene Top Sheets consists of 5 different pre-cut sizes, allowing you to choose the right size. And you can also choose from clear polythene pallet covers or black pallet covers. They are ideal for providing a base layer of protections against moisture and dust. A variety of sheets per roll are available, ranging from 25 to 500. If items are being stored or transported for long periods, we recommend applying Pallet Wrap. This will add both protection and stability. Please click here to view of range of Pallet Wrap. Ordering your Polythene Top Sheets from Springpack really couldn’t be easier. Don’t forget, we deliver the next working day if your order is placed before 3:30pm.