Mini Stretch Film & Dispenser

Our Mini Stretch Film rolls are ideal for hand wrapping smaller items. All of our Mini Stretch Film rolls are 100mm wide. 100M and 300M lengths are available. They are often used to secure loads without the need for strapping or tape. Clear and Black rolls are available, depending on your application. Hand dispenser sold separately. The use of our Dispenser will help to reduce potential friction burns, which typically occur when applying film by hand. Price breaks are available on all of our rolls, and the dispenser. This mean the more you buy, the more you save! A hand-held stretch film dispenser and mini stretch film is an inexpensive investment which can speed up your processes. When it comes to wrapping smaller items, this is one of the quickest ways to do it. You can use the mini stretch film dispenser with one hand, using your other hand to hold your product in place. And just because mini stretch wrap rolls are small, doesn’t mean they lack strength. They’re robust, tear resistant and manufactured from high quality film. So you won’t need to worry about flimsy film. Not only that, but just like all pallet wrap, mini rolls of film will protect your goods form dirt, dust and moisture. Place your order today, for next working day delivery.