Our Carbon Neutral Pledge: Our CO2 Reductions

As part of our pledge to be Carbon Neutral by 2023, we are delighted to share our latest CO2 figures with you.


Like all responsible companies, we are constantly monitoring our CO2 levels/ output. And one of our biggest contributors is, unsurprisingly, our fleet of vehicles.


With more of our fleet switching to electric or hybrid models, we have seen a reduction in our CO2 impact*. This is great news, as it will form a large part of us achieving our Carbon Neutral Pledge.



Our CO2 Output In Numbers

Back in August 2019, the CO2 impact of our fleet was 135g/km. This has been reducing over time, and was down to 129.5g/km in September 2020. We recorded a further reduction in September 2021, at 91.9g/km. As of today (16th November 2021) the figure is 72.7 g/km.


We’re not stopping here though. Here are a few of the other area’s we reviewing, and taking action on:


As part of our pledge, we will be rolling our a cycle to work scheme. Colleagues will have the option to leave their cars at home, and commute on 2 wheels instead of 4!

Even though we are on a carbon neutral energy tariff, we are looking at ways to reduce our energy consumption.

How we recycle is also on the table – currently 95% of our waste is recycled, but we want to increase that percentage!


If you are looking at your own CO2 emissions, you can search for car fuel, and CO2 emissions data, here.



If you are looking at reducing your Carbon Footprint, your packaging is a good place to start. Why not contact one of our helpful Packaging Pro’s to discuss all of our eco friendly products. If you have any questions on environmentally friendly packaging solutions, give us a call on 01905 457 000. Alternatively, you can email us at [email protected].



*We measure the data against the manufacturers CO2 figures for the specific vehicle. We have not used mileage to calculate the CO2 impact.

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