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We are making a more sustainable Springpack


As a company, we are offering more and more eco friendly products so that our customers can be more environmentally conscious with their packaging choices. We don’t stop there when it comes to sustainability though – We’re also conscious about our own carbon footprint. Here are some of the ways we’re being mindful about our recycling and waste choices.


  1. We pre–sort 91% of our waste on site, which is split between general waste and dry mixed recycling. After that our waste management company, Biffa, re-sort and divert a total of 95% to recycling and just 5% to landfill. We’re working even harder to get to 98% too!
  2. We are proud to hold the ISO 14001: environmental management accreditation. This shows our commitment to investing time and resources into our environmental responsibility.
  3. As well as selling eco-friendly products to our customers, we use them as much as possible when we’re sending our own products out. For example, we are now using paper tape on almost all of the packages we sent out to customers. This has replaced the more traditional PP tape.
  4. We are adding the Simply Eco range from Springpack, which is where you can find our environmentally friendly products in one place. We’re adding fantastic new products all the time and in January we’ll be launching a new range of Bubblewrap which contains 30% recycled content!
  5. We’re mindful of the Plastic Tax which will be coming into force from 2022. We’re starting to look at how this will impact us as a company, so we can be better prepared when the tax comes into play in April of that year.
  6. Springpack have found research where 61% of consumers say they’re likely to switch to a more environmentally friendly brand. Therefore we try to educate our customers on how to make changes. Not only for the environment, but also because people are looking for ways to minimise their carbon footprint – even through their buying habits.
  7. Being environmentally friendly works through the entire supply chain. We’re making sure we close all loops in our chain that may not be the most eco friendly option available to us.


Think sustainability, think Springpack!


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If you want to make the change to a more sustainable future, we have a range of environmentally friendly products available. Why not take a look at how your company could go greener, and improve your sustainability today? For further help and advice on how your company can choose greener packaging options, give one of our Packaging Pros a call on 01905 457000 or by emailing [email protected].

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