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Green is the new black, and finding environmentally friendly alternatives is more important than ever. Springpack are investing in eco packaging solutions to help make your packaging processes as environmentally friendly as possible.


Don’t forget the Plastic Packaging Tax will be launched from April 2022, so now is the ideal time to look at the amount of plastic in your packaging. For more information on the tax, check out our blog.


To help you pick environmentally friendly solutions for your packaging, we’ve rounded up our top eco friendly picks for you below!



Xtrastretch Wrap

This wrap is exclusive to Springpack and has 67% more film than a standard 300m roll. That means less time changing rolls and less storage space is needed. But the great thing about Xtrastretch Wrap is that it reduces your plastic usage – 144 rolls of Xtrastretch equates to 240 rolls of standard pallet wrap!


Easily dispensable, and made from durable puncture-proof material, this wrap makes it into our top products list because it’s great on every level!



Gummed Paper Tape

Our Gummed Paper Tape is 100% recyclable and biodegradable, which makes it the perfect option if you’re looking for something eco friendly.


Once activated by water, it creates a strong bond to the Cardboard Carton. Once attached, any tampering is clearly visible. In fact, the bond is so strong, when the tape is removed, clear signs of damage will be seen on the carton. It really can’t be removed without damaging the box. Can your current tape offer this level of security?


If you would like your Gummed Paper Tape branded, we can do that too. Why not click here to read how we helped John Lewis of Hungerford achieve an excellent finish with their branded tape.



Electric Gummed Paper Tape Dispenser

Another Springpack exclusive, our water-activated Electric Gummed Paper Tape Dispenser is quick and easy to use. It’s compact – so no need to worry about space, and it’s quiet too!


With a state-of-the-art control panel, and pre-programmed length settings, it’s the ideal accompaniment to any packing station!



Single Wall Brown Book Wrap

If you’re looking for the ideal recyclable book wrap – look no further! Our bookwraps are 100% recyclable with excellent corner protection. That means books, CD’s and DVD’s will be safe and sound when they reach their destination.


What we love most about these wraps, is that with varying score marks on the sides, you can send different sized items with ease.


Packaging Pro Tip: We’ve created an assembly video to show you how easy it is to put our book wraps together!



Reinforced GSI Gummed Paper Tape

We’ve already waxed lyrical about the benefits of Gummed Paper Tape (100% recyclable and biodegradable in case you forgot!), so this product really sells itself.


It’s a great environmentally friendly alternative to plastic based packaging tapes. This Gummed Paper Tape has water soluble adhesive and is reinforced for extra security.




Gone are the days where it’s necessary to put mountains of bubble wrap into a package to ensure it arrives intact – nowadays we’re all about air pillows!


These clever little inventions are of course 100% recyclable. They also take up very little valuable space in your packing area. The air pillows come with pre-inserted valves to make inflation easy, saving you much needed time.



Green Eco Pillow Film

We love this film because it has a handy reminder that it’s 100% recyclable printed all over it. It’s even green! Supplied in 500m rolls, if the cushions remain intact – they can be used numerous times. Simply fill them up when needed, and away you go.


Packaging Pro Tip: Polyolefins are sensitive to light and UV radiation. Ensure they’re stored in a dark area, preferably in their original packaging.



Recycled Filling Paper

This 100% recycled paper is FSC certified and contains approximately 1,700 sheets per box. It creates a great void pad for your packaging and is perforated to ensure you don’t use anymore than you need to. There’s even the option to print on them!


Packaging Pro Tip: If you want to see what our filling paper is all about, check out this video for more information!


Along with our product eco friendly development, Springpack also provides free audits. We’ll come into your business and assess where you could be more cost effective, or suggest eco friendly packaging options you could use. For more information on our audit process, just click here.


If you need information on how to use any of our products, be sure to check out our helpful YouTube videos. Or you can give our friendly Packaging Pro’s a call on 01905 457 000!

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