Why switch to Simply Eco?

Here at Springpack, your Carbon Neutral Packaging Partner, we are passionate about offering our customers the best eco-friendly packaging solutions. We offer a Free Packaging Audit, where we will offer you advice on how to enhance your packaging process’s eco credentials.


Simply Eco is a range of eco-friendly packaging products, designed by Springpack. The Simply Eco Range contains a minimum of 30% recycled content in all plastic products. This range is compliant with the UK Plastic Packaging Tax.


Our Simply Eco range stands out from our competitors for a key reason – 30% recycled isn’t our goal. It’s our requirement. As you will see from our extensive product range, many Simply Eco products contain more than the 30% minimum. They often contain 50%, 70% and even 100% recycled content.


We truly care about the environmental effect of our products – that’s what sets us apart.



What products are part of the Simply Eco Range?


XtraStretch Pallet Wrap & Machine Film


Exclusive to Springpack, Xtrastretch Pallet Wrap is manufactured with 50% recycled content.



Our high-performance Simply Eco Machine film contains a minimum of 30% recycled content. This makes it one of our most eco-friendly machine film options.


If you are looking to reduce your plastic usage, then considering our Simply Eco by Springpack Machine Film is a great place to start.


Eco-Friendly Bubble Wrap Rolls


One of the most used, and easily recognised protective packaging materials!


We have a wide range of Eco Bubble Wrap Rolls for all kinds of applications. All of our rolls contain a minimum of 30% recycled material. It can be easily recycled alongside carrier bags at supermarkets or at a recycling centre.


Standard Bubble Wrap:


Bubblewrap offers superior surface protection, and is incredibly strong. Favoured for many years, bubblewrap is also very lightweight, meaning the weight of your parcels can be kept low. This is especially important for ecommerce businesses, where parcels are sent through the post, reducing the cost.


Premium/Easy Tear Bubble Wrap:


Easy Tear is has perforations in the wrap, to allow for easy tearing without causing damage to the protective bubbles. Standard bubble wrap requires a Stanley Knife or scissors to be cut precisely, which takes more time. Easy tear can simply be torn off where necessary.


Heavy Duty/ Extra Large Bubble Wrap:


This particular product is best suited for use on larger and heavier items that may break small bubbles.


Anti Static bubble wrap:


Anti static (Pink) bubble is commonly used for protecting electronic components from static charges and static electricity during transit. If you’d like more information on Simply Eco Antistatic bubble wrap, why not visit our blog post?


Self Adhesive bubble wrap:


Self-Adhesive bubble wrap (Also known as High Tack; Sticky Back or Blue Bubble Wrap) contains a layer of adhesive.


Blue in colour, this Bubblewrap really stands out, ensuring the right products are wrapped in the correct Bubblewrap. This particular bubble wrap is commonly used for packaging furniture.


Vinyl Tape


Simply Eco White Vinyl Tape is made of 70% recycled materials. It can be used as an alternative to standard Polypropylene or paper tape.


Vinyl tape is popular due to its thicker material. This increases its strength and ability to work in damp and cool conditions.


Void Fill Paper


Void fill kraft paper is an excellent choice for void packing / void fill when ‘scrunched up’. The paper is boxed, and supplied on a centre-feeding cardboard core. It is 100% curbside recyclable or reusable by the end user.


Honeycomb Paper


This paper roll is commonly used in place of bubblewrap, as a 100% natural, plastic-free alternative. The end user will find the packaging aesthetically pleasing. They will also be able to see that it is eco-friendly.



Corrugated Mailing Envelopes (Expandelopes)


Expandelopes, also known as corrugated cardboard envelopes are made from single walled cardboard, and feature an expandable gusset. This style of cardboard mailers is popular with e-commerce distribution companies such as Amazon.


Mailing Sacks


Simply Eco Grey Mailing Bags are one of the most popular items in the Simply Eco Range. They are made from 100% recycled plastic and can be easily recycled alongside carrier bags in supermarkets or local recycling centres. They feature a convenient peel-and-seal strip, meaning no additional adhesive is required to seal them.


Extra large mailing bags from the Simply Eco range are popular with our customers for sending bulky folded items, such as camping carpets.


They are also popular for sending awkward-shaped items, because the plastic is soft and can be contorted to fit and taped where required.


We hope this introduction to the Simply Eco range has been useful. If you have any questions, why not get in touch with one of our Packaging Experts?


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