What is the Benefit of Using Anti-Static Bubble Wrap?

Anti static bubble wrap is a great way of protecting electronic components and electronic devices from static discharge during transit.

This type of bubble wrap is commonly seen as being coloured pink, but it can be any colour. If you want to hide the contents of your package, you can get custom black bubble wrap with anti-static properties.

It’s key benefit is that it is specially designed to protect delicate and sensitive electircals, such as motherboards, hardrives, and PCBs from damage caused by static.


What is antistatic bubble wrap?

Anti-static bubble wrap has an anti-static agent added to it, to protect products that are sensitive to static electricity. This additive works to prevent collection of electrostatic charges, which can cause damage to your products during transit.

Contrary to common belief, the colour density of pink bubble wrap has no indication of the amount of anti-static properties. Instead, the pink colour is simply dye added to allow for easy identification of the bubble wrap rolls you may have.

This type of bubble wrap is one of the most popular packaging materials for shipping electricals.

It is sold most commonly in two forms – bags and bubble wrap rolls.

Anti Static Bubble Bag

These are Antistatic Bubble Wrap Bags

Anti Static bubble wrap roll

This is an Antistatic Bubble Wrap on a roll


How do you use bubble wrap?

All types of bubble wrap are extremely easy to use. Simply lay the bubble wrap on a flat surface, and lay your fragile items on top. Gently, fold the wrap around your products, and secure the wrap with a small amount of tape.

We do not recommend directly applying tape to sensitive electronics.


Do the bubbles on bubble wrap go inside or out?

For bubble wrap to be effective, the textured part of the wrap (the bubbles) must be touching the product. The smooth side of the bubble wrap should be facing outwards.


How do you use bubble wrap bags?

Using an bubble wrap bags is very simple. Select the bag that is closest to the size of your product, and place it inside. Remove the covering from the peel and seal strip, and fold the top of the bag over to secure the glue.


Where to find anti-static bubble wrap near me?

Here at Springpack, we are a trusted supplier of rolls of bubble wrap, and bubble wrap bags in the UK. We can deliver to most places in the UK the next working day!


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