The Perfect Pallet Wrap Pair

Introducing the ultimate combination for efficient and secure pallet wrapping – Armour Wrap Machine and Hand Film combined with the AERO dispenser from Springpack.

Nano Armour Wrap is not just another pallet wrap – it’s a revolution in packaging technology. Engineered with advanced nanotechnology, this high-performance stretch film offers unparalleled strength, durability, and load stability.

Say goodbye to the worries of damaged goods during transit as Armour Wrap ensures your pallets stay securely wrapped, providing a protective shield against the rigors of shipping.

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    Armour Wrap

    Key Features

    Load Stability
    Armour Wrap film is a multi-layer film. This is what gives our film the strength over other high performance and other conventional films which typically has far fewer layers.
    The multi-layered film can be compared to the plywood effect or bulletproof glass – so even though the film is thinner it is stronger and makes your loads more secure. With a stronger film; pallet damages, breakages and pallet movement in transit can be reduced.

    Cost Savings
    If you haven’t switched to Armour Wrap Film, then you are missing out on huge cost savings.
    Our film is stronger and needs less weight of film to secure a pallet, thus saving the environment with less plastic waste coupled with monetary savings!
    Our film also enables you to wrap around 100 pallets per roll as opposed to 70 with conventional films, so you can produce more packaging with your money. Finally, 1kg cardboard cores are used instead of 1.8kg cores; producing less cardboard waste overall.”

    Puncture & Tear Resistant
    Multi-layer nanotechnology provides a high puncture and tear resistances compared to other films, ensuring high containment force. The cross layer technology allows you to wrap unconventional pallets containing sharp edges with ease.

    Ease of Use
    Increased warehouse productivity and efficiency is just one of the many features our machine film / pallet wrap can offer. There are also fewer roll changes for the warehouse operatives, due to more meterage of film per roll. A fewer number of roll changes means less film breakages, less line stoppages and therefore a more efficient workforce.

    Consistent Performance
    Our supplier only uses the highest quality materials and machinery in the manufacturin9g process to ensure our product is a consistent, high quality product that lasts.
    Armour Wrap Pallet Wrap is manufactured from a unique grade of top polymers on the highest quality production machinery. There is no spot buying of the film’s raw materials ensuring that each roll of film is the same.

    Machine Film

    AERO Dispenser Key Features:

    • Light carbon fibre structure
    • Easy Twist Tension Setting Dial
    • Rapid Roll Change System
    • One of the lightest dispensers on the market – 0.45Kg
    • Ergonomic intelligent design allows for multiple grip points
    • Low bottom profile allowing for pallet corners to be wrapped
    • Can be used with a wide range of pallet wrap rolls.
    • High-quality and lightweight
    • 520mm/51mm Inner

    Why Choose the Perfect Pallet Wrapping Pair?

    • Increased Efficiency: Wrap pallets faster and with precision.
    • Cost-Effective: Minimize film waste and reduce overall packaging costs.
    • Reliable Protection: Secure your products during transit with the strength of Nano Armour Wrap.
    • User-Friendly: The AERO dispenser makes pallet wrapping a breeze, even for beginners.

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    Upgrade your pallet wrapping game with the perfect pair – Armour Wrap and AERO dispenser from Springpack.

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