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Armour Wrap Pallet Wrap




Springpacks armour wrap pallet wrap / machine film is a high performance, multi-layered pallet wrap that provides a strong puncture resistance, can be stretched more than a regular wrap and will increase load stability.


This Stretch Film is a premier, top-grade, high-performance stretch film for either machine use. Its multi layer nanotechnology provides great strength but a thinner and more elastic structure, permitting massive savings versus regular film.


Made from only premium polymers, ensures dependability, superior puncture and tear-resistance, providing assurance that freight will remain protected throughout its journey, be it by land, sea, or air.


Key Features and Benefits


  • Up to 50% reduction in material (Plastic) usage due to downgauging
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Excellent puncture resistance
  • Reduced storage space & lower transport costs
  • Increased enveloping
  • Increased load stability
  • Performs well on high speed wrappers


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40 Rolls Per Pallet 



1 or more£50.94 Available


Armour Wrap Pallet Wrap


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Why choose Armour Wrap Stretch Film / Pallet Wrap for YOUR packaging and warehouse operations?

Load Stability - Pallet Wrap


Load Stability

Armour Wrap  film is a multi-layer film. This is what gives our film the strength over other high performance and other conventional films which typically has far fewer layers. The multi-layered film can be compared to the plywood effect or bulletproof glass – so even though the film is thinner it is stronger and makes your loads more secure. With a stronger film; pallet damages, breakages and pallet movement in transit can be reduced.



Cost Savings - Pallet Wrap


Cost Savings

If you haven’t switched to Armour Wrap Film, then you are missing out on huge cost savings. Our film is stronger and needs less weight of film to secure a pallet, thus saving the environment with less plastic waste coupled with monetary savings!

Our film also enables you to wrap around 100 pallets per roll as opposed to 70 with conventional films, so you can produce more packaging with your money. Finally, 1kg cardboard cores are used instead of 1.8kg cores; producing less cardboard waste overall.”




Puncture & Tear Resistant

Multi-layer nanotechnology provides a high puncture and tear resistances compared to other films, ensuring high containment force. The cross layer technology allows you to wrap unconventional pallets containing sharp edges with ease.

Stretch Pallet Wrap

Increased Stretch

To get the most out of your pallet wrap, use Armour Wrap Nano Film which stretches up to 335% (whereas conventional films only stretch 100-200%). By stretching the pallet wrap, you get the most out of the film – limited wastage and best performance.
Consistent Results - Pallet Wrap

Consistent Performance

Our supplier only use the highest quality materials and machinery in the manufacturing process to ensure our product is a consistent, high quality product that lasts. Armour Wrap Pallet Wrap is manufactured from a unique grade of top polymers on the highest quality production machinery. There is no spot buying of the film’s raw materials ensuring that each roll of film is the same.
Ease of Use Pallet Wrap

Ease of Use


Increased warehouse productivity and efficiency is just one of the many features our machine film / pallet wrap can offer. There are also fewer roll changes for the warehouse operatives, due to more meterage of film per roll. A fewer number of roll changes means less film breakages, less line stoppages and therefore a more efficient workforce.


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Bespoke Packaging - Springpack

Bespoke / Custom Packaging Made Easy


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