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    Our Aero Carbon Fibre Pallet Wrap Dispenser is ideal for use alongside Armor Wrap.


    Robust and versatile, this dispenser is easy to use, and automatically tensions the film on application. If you are wrapping by hand, it will be quicker, and easier to use a dispenser!


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    Key Features and Benefits:

    • Light carbon fibre structure
    • Easy Twist Tension Setting Dial
    • Rapid Roll Change System
    • One of the lightest dispensers on the market – 0.45Kg
    • Ergonomic intelligent design allows for multiple grip points
    • Low bottom profile allowing for pallet corners to be wrapped
    • Can be used with a wide range of pallet wrap rolls.
    • Perfect for use with Armour Wrap hand pallet wrap
    • High-quality and lightweight
    • 520mm/51mm Inner


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    Our Aero Carbon Fibre Pallet Wrap Dispenser is ideal for use alongside Armor Wrap.

    This cutting-edge pallet wrapping solution is designed to elevate your wrapping experience to unparalleled levels of efficiency and ease, whilst reducing operatives fatigue.

    Precision crafted from high-performance carbon fibre, this ultra light weight dispenser is a game-changer for the hand pallet wrap market.

    Springpack’s Aero Hand Pallet Wrap Dispenser is a high performance, light weight pallet wrap dispenser that provides a premium wrapping experience.

    This Stretch Film Dispenser is made from premium yet lightweight carbon fibre to eliminate fatigue during use.

    Designed to optimise the application of Armour Wrap – Hand Pallet Wrap, the Aero Dispenser features a twist dial to tension the wrap to the desired application tension.

    The revolutionary Rapid Roll Change System allows for a quick and easy roll change – reducing downtime and user frustrations.

    The pallet wrap dispenser has a long handle which is incredibly ergonomic, meaning it can be comfortably used by all operatives. Request Your Free Demo Below