305X229X152MM DW BOXES (12X9X6″)

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Useful range of strong, double thickness corrugated cases ideal for packaging applications where extra protection is required. Manufactured from durable kraft papers, and available in a range of stock sizes which come flat packed for ease of transportation and storage.



A 12x9x6” box (or 305X229X152MM) can be used to store and transport fairly large items. For a clearer idea on sizing, the boxes are roughly A4 size and 6” deep allowing you to carry fairly small items in each individual box.

These boxes are available to be purchased singly or in any quantity to suit your needs. Please see the quantity break pricing for discounts available for bulk purchases.

Made from rigid flute corrugated board to provide strong and durable storage. The boxes can be used to pack and store goods in warehouses or even used as packing boxes for house moves or clearances.

We will deliver the 12x9x6” boxes flat packed as large sheets of cardboard, making the boxes easy for you to store. Although they are flat packed, the boxes are also really easy to assemble. All you need is a bit of tape to seal up the boxes on the top and bottom. The double wall build allows the boxes to be stacked.

These cardboard boxes are durable and so should be able to be used time and time again. However, if you do need to dispose of your boxes, they are 100% recyclable.

We also stock a wide range of all kinds of cartons and cases. From Single Wall Cardboard Boxes, to Heavy Duty Double Wall Cardboard Boxes, or even simple Postal Boxes, it’s all here. All of our cardboard cartons, cases and boxes are made from strong rigid flute corrugated board, that is durable, strong and available in a range of sizes. You can also use our box calculator to make ordering the right size boxes super easy. Simply enter the length and width of the product you want to package, and the Box Calculator does the rest!

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Dimensions 305 × 229 × 152 cm


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