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It’s likely you’ve seen a FEFCO code on a quote or an invoice, or someone has referenced one when talking about Cardboard Boxes. Well, here is our complete guide on our most popular FEFCO code boxes!



So, what is FEFCO?

The Federation of Corrugated Cardboard Manufacturers (FEFCO) is a non-profit organisation representing the interests of the industry across Europe and addressing a wide range of issues, from technical topics to economical questions. The FEFCO offices are located in Brussels, and are governed by Belgian Law.



What is a FEFCO code?

Put very simply, a FEFCO code is a four digit code. The first 2 digits of the code represent the category style of the box. And the second 2 digits the unique style of the box. For example, an 0201 box is a regular box, with flaps that close on both ends.



What are the benefits of using a FEFCO code?

FEFCO codes have been in use since 1952, so there is a lot of history. This also makes their use commonplace throughout the packaging industry. If a customer or prospect quotes a FEFCO code, it also allows us to issue quotes quickly, and better understand their exact box requirements.


Cost savings can also be made when buying a FEFCO box. Given the majority of boxes that are manufactured are to a FEFCO code, tooling costs are typically much smaller.



Our most popular box styles

FEFCO 0201 Boxes

Traditionally, a box with an 0201 FEFCO code has been the most popular box style on the market for a number of years. This box has flaps that can be sealed from both ends, making it incredibly versatile. They are supplied flat packed, and are simply to construct. A diagram of an 0201 box can be seen below.

FEFCO 0201 Box

FEFCO 0427 Boxes

Next on the list of popularity, is a 0427 FEFCO style box. This box is commonly referred to as a Postal Box, and put simply, it has been designed to safely transport items through the post. More recently, this design has been enhanced to allow items to be returned in the post too. These are known as Returnable Postal Boxes. No tape is required to seal these boxes, which make them a perfect eco-friendly option for ecommerce businesses. A diagram of an 0427 box can be seen below.


FEFCO 0427 Box


FEFCO 0409 Boxes

Third on our list is an 0409 FEFCO box. The box has been designed with an integrated lid, and the boxes are popular as they can be put together in seconds. Like the 0427 boxes, they are a tape-free option, and perfect for ecommerce businesses. They are also really easy to store.

FEFCO 0409 Box


Here at Springpack we stock a wide range of Cardboard Boxes. Please click here to view our full range of Cardboard Boxes. Please click here if you are looking for Single Wall Cardboard Boxes, and here is you are looking for Double Wall Cardboard Boxes.



Other Popular Box Styles

In addition to our most popular box styles, we are frequently asked for boxes with a FEFCO code of 0200, 0401, 0330 and 0911. Talk to us today about your requirements, and we’ll come up with the perfect solution for you!



Here is a summary of all FEFCO codes:

FEFCO Codes 0100 & 0110

These FEFCO Codes are for single face corrugated rolls and sheets. They are generally used for padding or void fill.



FEFCO Codes 0200-0231

These FEFCO Codes relate to slotted-type boxes. They consist of one piece of board, and are ether glued, stitched, or taped on the join. They have both top and bottom flaps.


FEFCO codes: 0200, 0201, 0202, 0203, 0204, 0205, 0206, 0207, 0208, 0209, 0210, 0211, 0212, 0214, 0215, 0216, 0217, 0218, 0225, 0226, 0227, 0228, 0229, 0230 & 0231.




FEFCO Codes 0300-0352

These FEFCO Codes relate to telescope-type boxes. A lid, or bottom, are supplied here, with them telescoping over the body of the box.


FEFCO Codes: 0300, 0301, 0302, 0303, 0304, 0306, 0307, 0308, 0309, 0310, 0312, 0313, 0314, 0320, 0321, 0322, 0323, 0325, 0330, 0331, 0350, 0351 & 0352.



FEFCO Codes 0400-0473

These FEFCO Codes relate to folder-type boxes. They usually consist of only one piece of board. The bottom of the box is hinged the walls of the box. Locking tabs and handles can be incorporated too.


FEFCO Codes: 0400, 0401, 0402, 0403, 0404, 0405, 0406, 0409, 0410, 0411, 0412, 0413, 0415, 0416, 0420, 0421, 0422, 0423, 0424, 0425, 0426, 0427, 0428, 0429, 0430, 0431, 0432, 0433, 0434, 0435, 0436, 0437, 0440, 0441, 0442, 0443, 0444, 0445, 0446, 0447, 0448, 0449, 0450, 0451, 0452, 0453, 0454, 0455, 0456, 0457, 0458, 0459, 0460, 0470, 0471, 0472 & 0473.



FEFCO Codes 0500-0512

These FEFCO Codes relate to slide-type boxes. These boxes consist of liners and sleeves, and also include outside sleeves for other boxes.


FEFCO Codes: 0501, 0502, 0503, 0504, 0505, 0507, 0509, 0510, 0511 & 0512.



FEFCO Codes 0600-0621

These FEFCO Codes relate to rigid-type boxes. Two separate pieces of board are supplied here, and the end pieces and body require stitching before use.


FEFCO Codes: 0601, 0602, 0605, 0606, 0607, 0608, 0610, 0615, 0616, 0620 & 0621.



FEFCO Codes 0700-0774

These FEFCO Codes relate to ready-type boxes. They consist of ne piece, and are ready for use once assembled.


FEFCO Codes: 0700, 0701, 0703, 0711, 0712, 0713, 0714, 0715, 0716, 0717, 0718, 0747, 0748, 0751, 0752, 0759, 0761, 0770, 0771, 0772, 0773 & 0774.



FEFCO Codes 0900

These FEFCO Codes relate to interior fitments, such as liners of dividers.


FEFCO codes: 0900, 0901, 0902, 0903, 0904, 0905, 0906, 0907, 0908, 0909, 0910, 0911, 0913, 0914, 0920, 0921, 0929, 0930, 0931, 0932, 0933, 0934, 0935, 0940, 0941, 0942, 0943, 0944, 0945, 0946, 0947, 0948, 0949, 0950, 0951, 0965, 0966, 0967, 0970, 0971, 0972, 0973, 0974, 0975 & 0976.



For more information on Cardboard Boxes, please click here to read our blog on choosing the right cardboard box.



Bespoke Packaging Solutions

Don’t forget, we also offer a Bespoke Packaging design service. Whether you are looking at a standard FEFCO box style, but need it branding, or you are after a completely bespoke product, contact the Packaging Pro’s! In just 5 simple steps, you’ll have packaging product designed to your exact specification!


  1. First, let’s discuss your requirements.
  2. We’ll then  look at some design options, marrying your company colours or logo, along with adding any required text.
  3. Next, we’ll produce a sample for you to test and approve.
  4. If any amends are needed, we do this once you have tested the tape. We’ll produce a new sample for you to approve too.
  5. Once approved, we’ll ‘push the button’, and your Bespoke Packaging will be with you in a matter of weeks.


For information on our range of Bespoke Packaging solutions, please click here.



If you’d like further information on the services we offer at Springpack, get in touch with the Packaging Pro’s today! You can reach us by calling 01905 457 000 or by emailing [email protected]. Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel too!

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