Padded Mailing Bag Options

Are you wondering where to purchase padded mailing bags and envelopes?

We have a range of options when it comes to postal envelopes, ranging from padded envelopes to eco-friendly mailing bags. All items are in stock for next working day delivery.

Read on to discover the optimal packaging solution best suit your needs!


Envosafe Padded Envelopes

Padded mailers are quite possibly the ultimate way to send small, delicate items.

Also known as bubble envelopes/envelope mailers, they are the most cost-effective way of sending items that are fragile.

With a bubble lining strip it provides great protection and ensures puncture and burst resistance. Envosafe padded envelopes also feature an adhesive strip, meaning you do not need to add any extra tape.

One of our bestselling mailing bags is the Envosafe Secure Mailing Bag range.

The bags are manufactured from 115gsm kraft paper and feature strong welds on three sides. These welds create a strong, easy to use bag.

Envosafe Padded Mailing Bags

Paper Mailing Bags

Paper mailing bags are an eco-friendly alternative to polythene mailing bags.

In fact, tear-proof paper mailing bags can often provide better security than plastic bags for shipping goods. The combination of being eco-friendly and high quality means many companies are now exclusively using fully recyclable and biodegradable eco-friendly mailing bags. These paper mailing bags are 100% plastic-free as well as cost-effective.

Honeycomb Padded Mailing Bag

Jiffy Padded Mailing Bags

Arguably the most recognised brand of packaging in the packaging world, is the renowned Jiffy Bag!

These bags offer excellent burst strength, cushioning and durability. These mailing bags are made from a 100% recycled paper fibre lining and have a tough paper outer. As opposed to traditional bubble wrap, paper fibre lining provides amazing protection for its contents, without compromise.

The folded construction, with doubled glued bottom flap and no side seams, ensure a high resistance against splitting or bursting.

The ‘peel and seal’ strip offers a quick and simple way to pack items, without the requirement of an additional adhesive.

The bags are 100% recyclable, so you can enhance your green credentials by using these bags.

Here at Springpack, we stock a vast range of sizes of mailing envelopes, ranging from 00 to 8.

Please click here to view the range.

Also, to see more info on the handy Jiffy sizing guide, check out our blog here.

To see these bags put to the test, check out our blog and drop test of Jiffy Mailing bags!



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