Padded Mailing Bag Drop Test

When making a purchase of a Padded Mailing Bag, there are many factors to consider. The cost, the size, the pack quantity, and the brand name are questions we are asked all of the time. One question that is coming up more and more though, is the effectiveness of the bags.


A great way (and pretty fun, too) to establish how ‘good’ the bags are, is to conduct a drop test. So that’s just what we did!



The Test

We selected 3 Padded Mailing Bags, and packed a wine glass in each. Several pieces of Blue Roll were placed in the wine glass, just in case the glasses broke, and to minimise the risk to us when filming.


The ultimate aim was to see at what height the bags would fail (if at all), and the glass within would break.


Before we look at the results, let’s look at the contenders…



Jiffy Padded Mailing Bags

One of the best known brands in the packaging world, no test on Padded Mailers would be complete without a Jiffy Bag. These bags offer excellent burst strength, cushioning, and important for this test, durability. They are made from a 100% recycled paper fibre lining, with a strong outer. The folded construction, with doubled glued bottom flap and no side seams, ensure the high resistance against bursting and puncture.






Eco Honeycomb Mailing Bags

This is new kid on the block, with us having recently launched our own range of Eco Honeycomb Mailing Bags. They are manufactured from a strong, lightweight, Kraft paper, meaning they are 100% recyclable! The Honeycomb inner construction offers excellent padding and cushioning when sending delicate items in the post. The bags are so simple to use too. Just pack your items, remove the ‘peal and seal’ strip, and away you go!


Honeycomb Padded Mailing Bag



Envosafe Mailing Bags

The only Padded Mailing Bag in the test to contain plastic, our Envosafe Mailing Bags combine a high strength pre-coated white Kraft outer, with lightweight bubble lining This helps to ensure a strong puncture & burst resistance. Strong welds on three sides creates a strong, easy-to-use bag.





The Results

As you can see from the below video, all 3 of the Padded Mailing Bags successfully passed the drop test from a height of 1M. We immediately upped the ante, and dropped them all from a height of 2M!


It’s probably fair to assume that a single wine glass isn’t likely to be posted out, and hopefully not dropped from a height of 2M, so all 3 options performed equally as well as each other. From our test, we couldn’t separate them. All 3 were winners!


But that’s not the end of the story…


In the words of Yazz, “The one what is up, baby”, so that’s exactly what we did. We went up, and we boldly dropped all 3 Padded Mailing Bags from a height of 5M (from the top of our mezzanine floor)!


Here’s where we found our true winner…


Of the 3 Padded Mailing Bags dropped from height of 5M, just one bag passed, with the contents fully in tact when opened. And the winner was…




…drum roll please…



Jiffy Padded Mailing Bags. The contents of the Eco Honeycomb Mailing Bags and the Enovsafe Mailing bags both smashed, thus failing our slightly ambitious test!


But, there can only be one winner, and from our drop test, that’s Jiffy.


Drop Test Result




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