Our Guide To e-tape

e-tape & e-tape Dispensers are world renowned for their quality & high performance, and in this guide we’ll tell you the reasons why!


What is e-tape?

e-tape is a is a high-quality packaging tape, designed to improve efficiency and reduce packaging waste. That’s because e-tape has 127% more tape than a standard 66m roll, and its smaller core reduces waste by 56%. It’s also highly versatile and can be used for many packaging requirements.


So, if you are looking to save money, time, or space, e-tape ticks all 3 boxes! And here are our top 3 reasons to switch to e-tape!


Why Use e-tape?

  1. Save Money – With 150M of tape on each roll, using e-tape will significantly reduce your downtime changing rolls. This is a hidden packaging cost that can really add up. If you want to improve your operational effectiveness, switch to e-tape today!
  2. Save Space – In addition to the 150M roll length, the cardboard core is just 2″, meaning the roll is the same size as a standard tape, but it has more tape on it! This means e-tape will actually take up less of your valuable warehouse space, as you’ll need to store fewer rolls. Can your current supplier offer you this sort of saving? If not, talk to the Packaging Pros!
  3. Reduce Waste – As there is more tape per roll, switching to e-tape will actually reduce your packaging waste! This is yet another fantastic reason to use e-tapeSo far, switching to e-tape has reduced the hidden costs of packaging, increased your operation effectiveness, saved you space, and reduced your packaging waste.


Are there any more reasons to switch, I hear you cry? Well, yes. Yes there are!


Noise Reduction

You can choose low noise options from our range of e-tapes. The low noise tapes are identified with “L/N” on the product, such as this buff e-tape. Not only that, but you can also choose silent e-tape dispensers too. As the name suggests, they’re designed to minimise noise when you’re sealing boxes. So, whether you’re in an office, a small packing room or even a large warehouse, you will be able to create a much quieter working environment. And a quieter environment will be a much happier one too.


Colour Options

Variety is the spice of life, and we like offering our customers real choice! Our e-tape comes in clear, buff (brown) or white as standard, but if you are looking for something more bespoke, keep reading!





Printed e-tape

Here at Springpack, we stock a wide range of Pre-Printed e-tape, such as our FRAGILE e-tape. Like all e-tape, this comes with 150M of tape per roll, meaning there is 127% more tape than a standard 66m roll. Again, this will save you time changing rolls, reduce your storage needs, and reduce your packaging waste.



Custom Printed e-tape

Did you know e-tape can be custom printed with your logo and contact details? Head over to our Bespoke Packaging page for more details!

Bespoke Packaging Solution




Value For Money

Not only does e-tape offer a saving in the amount of time spent change rolls, but cost savings are available on rolls too. All of our e-tape is priced per roll, and sold in pack quantities of 36. Our entire range have price breaks, so the more you buy, the more you save. Place your order today!


Ergonomic e-tape Dispensers

In addition to the superior quality of the actual tape, our e-tape Dispensers offer safety features, an ergonomic design, and as we’ve already noted, noise reduction. The ergonomic design means you’ll be able to seal boxes easily without any discomfort.


e-tape Dispensers

The tape is super easy to load on to the dispenser too. We’ve even put together a couple of short ‘How To’ video’s on how to change a roll!




For all of our ‘How To’ videos, please click here to visit our YouTube channel. Don’t forget to subscribe too!


Your E-tape Options

So now you know all the benefits, which e-tape should you choose?


1. Eco-Friendly Brown Paper E-tape

Iif you are looking at eco-friendly paper tape, look no further than our Paper e-tape! Manufactured from strong Kraft paper, and a natural rubber-based solvent, it’s 100% recyclable. If you require tape for a variety of applications, this is the tape for you! The adhesive is so strong, it sticks to any grade of cardboard, and it can even be frozen!


Paper e-tape


Check out our video on the features and benefits of our Paper e-tape!




2. Pre-Printed E-tapes

Let people know your boxes need extra care with pre-printed fragile e-tape. The message is clear and easily visible, meaning your box contents will be much safer from damage. Alternatively, we have a pre-printed ‘contents checked’ e-tape. This message alerts the receiver that if there is any damage, they should contact the seller immediately.

And if these pre-printed e-tapes aren’t quite what you’re looking for, we can provide custom printed tape too.


3. Buff, Clear or White E-tapes

Designed for everyday use, you can choose from white, clear, or buff e-tapes. Your preference may depend on what materials you’ll be sealing the tape to. For instance, on white boxes clear or white tape would be recommended over buff coloured tape. And vice-versa, for brown cardboard boxes, we’d recommend buff coloured e-tape.


4. E-tape Plus

We also have several e-tape plus options for you to choose from. E-tape plus is one of the most popular options that customers choose. You can get e-tape plus options across our range of e-tapes.

Browse our full range of e-tapes here.


If you’d like further information on our range of tape, get in touch with the Packaging Pros today! Give us a call on 01905 457 000, or you can email us at [email protected].

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