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In the UK, letterbox sizes can vary due to the way our homes—and front doors—have been built over centuries. Anyone who has had a paper round growing up will know that there’s always at least one old house with a small letterbox on most streets. And that house was always the one who ordered the biggest broadsheet paper on a Sunday.


However, these days most letterboxes have a standard size of 254mm x 38mm. Which is plenty big enough to fit any Sunday paper through.


But times have changed, and we’re now more likely to read our favourite newspapers online than get it delivered. Instead, we’re sending gifts through the post and doing our shopping online at an ever-increasing rate. So it’s hugely important that we use letterbox size boxes to ensure deliveries are successful.



What Size Boxes fit Through UK Letterboxes?

With standard letterbox sizes of 254mm x 38mm, you want to give yourself a few millimetres grace so that your boxes aren’t squeezing through the letterbox. Therefore, boxes up to 250mm x 35mm will fit through most UK letterboxes. More commonly, letterbox friendly boxes will be up to 20mm in height, to account for any letterboxes that are slightly smaller.


For example, at Springpack we stock a 220 x 190 x 19mm postal box. This is a perfect size to ship all kinds of products and gifts. From books to brownies and clothing to beauty products.



Custom Letterbox Boxes

At Springpack, we also offer bespoke packaging solutions, including custom sized letterbox boxes. So, if you think you’re going to need a specific sized box, rest assured that we’ll be able to source it for you.



Custom Letterbox Boxes Examples

Here are our top five inspiring example of custom sized letterbox boxes that we can provide:


  1. Flower Letterbox Boxes

Delivering flowers through the post is a wonderful gift to give. There are several nationwide providers who offer this service, such as Bloom & Wild and eflorist. But if you’re a local florist looking to expand your service, delivering flowers through the post can be a great way to expand your offering.


And with our custom letterbox packaging solutions, we can also brand your letterbox boxes for you. When sending flowers through the post in letterbox packaging, beautifully designed boxes will create an even better unboxing experience for your customers.


  1. Letterbox Pamper Hampers

Luxury lifestyle and giftware brands have also benefited from sending letterbox friendly hampers through the post. Even if you don’t have your own website presence, you can set yourself up on websites such as Etsy and Not on the Highstreet, which are perfect for this kind of business.


Just like flower letterbox boxes, luxury letterbox pamper hampers can benefit from including branding on your packaging. Not only that, but when it comes to hampers, your void fill needs to match up the luxuriousness of the packaging. If you can’t find what you need, speak to us about our bespoke packaging solutions.


  1. Brownie Letterbox Boxes

If you’re a small bakery or café, you can expand your business offering by sending some of your delicious treats in letterbox boxes. At Springpack, we have recently been helping Bakeswell source appropriate packaging for their brownie letterbox packaging. Importantly, when it comes to packaging for food you consume, it needs to be food safe. So as well as appropriate letterbox sized boxes, you should consider using acid free tissue paper. And at Springpack, all of our acid free tissue paper is food safe.


  1. Letterbox Subscription Boxes

Over the last few years, there has been a growing trend of subscription deliveries. From coffee beans to shaving equipment, socks and make up, businesses are tapping into consumer demand for repeat purchases to be delivered to their home regularly and reliably.


One of the most important things about subscriptions by delivery, is that they can fit through standard letterbox sizes. This ensures consumers don’t need to be at home for every delivery. Using letterbox friendly boxes ensures your subscription box will be waiting for them at home, instead of a missed delivery notice.


  1. Letterbox Meal Kit Boxes

Food delivery boxes have been around for some time, but are often in standard cardboard boxes, rather than letterbox sized boxes. However, there are some meal kits available in letterbox sized boxes. For example, London based Pasta Evangelists and Bristol based The Spicery send their spice kits in letterbox sized boxes.


This means any local business can ship to anywhere in the country, opening up a much wider market for you to target.



What Can You Deliver in Letterbox Friendly Packaging?

If you’re inspired by other businesses sending their products to customers, get in touch with us today to see how we can help you. You can call us on 01905 457 000 or email us on [email protected].

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