How To Load A Handheld Packing Tape Dispenser

Packing tape, and tape guns and dispensers are a necessity in the majority of warehouses, or businesses with packing stations or benches. So we’ve put together a short how to guide to show you how to correct load a tape gun.


Used to seal cardboard boxes and cartons, packing tape and dispensers are a really import part of the packing process.


Here is our quick guide to loading a packing tape dispenser – there are only 4 steps!



Step 1

Place your new roll of packing tape onto the wheel of the dispenser. Firmly press the tape into position.

Top Tip: Always ensure the tape is positioned so when it unwinds, the ‘sticky’ side is facing down.



Step 2

Now we’re ready to place the tape between the ‘gate’ and the ‘roller’. Pull 4-5 inches of tape off of the roll, and pass through the ‘gate’, and on to the ‘roller’. The ‘gate’ is metal, and can be held back with your fingers.

Top Tip: Please don’t rush when loading tape to the dispenser. Your fingers are likely to be close to the blade, which is very sharp.


3" Silent e-tape Dispenser


You’re nearly there. Just 2 steps to go…



Step 3

Gently pull the tape, and you’ll see the roller in action, with the roll slowly turning. Make sure to pull through enough tape to pass the cutting blade.

Top Tip: A lot like the last tip, please be extra careful at this stage. Remember, the blade is sharp.



Step 4

All you need to do now is adjust the tensioner. The tensioner can be found in the centre of the dispenser wheel. Once adjusted, the tape will dispense smoothly.

Top Tip: Now the tape dispenser s fully loaded, test it. Pull a small amount of tape through, and cut the tape by pressing it against a box. You may need to adjust the tension before you begin packing. If you do adjust it, it’s worth testing again.



Why not check out our short video of a tape dispenser being loaded:




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