Eco Friendly Packaging Label

Souring Eco Friendly packaging can sometimes be tricky. That’s why we’ve created our own Eco Friendly Packaging Label! This will make it quick and easy for you to spot an eco friendly packaging product.



Eco Friendly Packaging Label

Keep your eyes peeled for our Eco Friendly Packaging Label to ensure you’re getting the greenest packaging available! This will cover a series of eco friendly products. Be it recycled products, products that are 100% recyclable, or plastic-free products. In fact, the list goes on!


It has been designed to offer you a helpful hint to know you are buying an Eco Friendly product from Springpack!

Eco Friendly Packaging Symbol



FSC® Logo

In addition to our own Eco Friendly Packaging Label, you should also look our for the FSC® logo. Here at Springpack, we hold the FSC® Chain Of Custody Certificate. This means we guarantee our paper products have been sourced from sustainable sources. For more information on our certification, please click here to read our blog.


Where the FSC® logo is displayed, none of the following will be found in our products:


  1. Illegally harvested wood
  2. Wood harvested in violation of traditional human rights
  3. Wood from forests in which high conservation values are threatened by management activities
  4. Wood from forest being converted to plantations or non-forest use
  5. Wood from forest in which genetically modified trees are planted


For more information on FSC®, please click here to visit their website.




Look out for the FSC® logo, on products that are FSC® certified.




Our Eco Friendly Products

From packaging containing recycled materials, through to those that are 100% recyclable, we’ll help you to find the right product! In fact, if you are looking for more info on eco-friendly packaging, why not read our blog on all about our Environmentally Friendly Packaging Solutions!


With the upcoming Plastic Packaging Tax, it’s now more important than ever to consider your packaging. For more information on the Plastic Packaging Tax, please click here to read our blog. For full details, please visit the UK Government website.


Did you know our Xtrastretch Pallet Wrap contains 30% recycled materials, meaning it is exempt from the Plastic Packaging Tax? Please click here to view the product! Our range of Simply Eco by Springpack Bubblewrap also contains 30% recycled content, so that too is exempt from the tax!



In Summary

Here at Springpack we stock a huge range of eco friendly packaging products. Why not click here to check out our Eco Friendly Kraft Paper Rolls, or here to view our full rage of eco friendly packaging solutions.




For further information and help on any of the eco friendly products we offer at Springpack, get in touch with our Packaging Pros today! Call us on 01905 457 000 or emailing [email protected].

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