Christmas Packaging: Preparing Your Packaging For The Festive Season

In the run-up to Christmas, it can seem as if there’s too much to do and not enough time to do it in. We’re incredibly busy! Our spending habits change considerably too. According to YouGuv, an average family planned to spend over £1,100 in 2021. That’s a lot! In fact, that’s quite a lot of presents and quite a lot of Christmas packaging!


With Black Friday and Cyber Monday barely our of our mind, the Christmas rush begins. That said, Christmas has been getting earlier and earlier over the recent years, but it really begins just after Cyber Monday.


The move to online shopping showing no signs of slowing, and this year will likely see online sales grow once more. Unlike larger parts of the final quarter last year, shops are open, but traditional bricks and mortar retailers will be relying on consumer confidence to boost their income.


Getting Your Business Ready

Preparing your packaging for the holiday season doesn’t have to be a chore, instead, you can use it as an opportunity to build your customer base, add flare to your brand and get your products noticed!


Read on to find out how choosing the right packaging can make this festive season your most jolly one yet.


How important is packaging at Christmas? 

For many businesses, Christmas is the biggest commercial opportunity of the year, as well as the busiest period. Christmas is a time when packaging and delivery solutions become their own category of importance.


Consumers have sprawling lists of items to package and send, and businesses, especially retail companies, are under added pressure to make sure their customer service is unrivalled.


Being able to deliver goods promptly and in perfect condition to meet the surge of demand, gives any business an edge at a time of year where everyone wants the best. Their very own Christmas packaging miracle.


protective packaging


What do you need to consider for Christmas packaging? 



Packaging should always be appropriate for your products. Getting the correctly sized packaging for your product will potentially help you save money on delivery costs as you will be paying for the size you need,  and not a size that will incur more costs.


By correctly sizing a package, you can also eliminate excess material in production and unnecessary waste. It looks good for a company’s image to be seen to be cutting down on excess packaging (especially plastics) which is why eco-friendly packaging has come to the forefront.


As Christmas is considered a time of festivity and often waste, the last thing your customers need is oversized boxes and an abundance of void fill collecting in their bins.



bespoke packaging



CAUTION: FRAGILE. As mentioned above, the last thing your customers want or deserve is to open their purchase and find it damaged. Accidents do happen, but by choosing protective packaging you can lower the chances drastically.


Our ranges of protective packaging span from Loosefill to eco-friendly bubblewrap, to make sure your boxed items stay exactly where they’re supposed to. For smaller and more delicate items, our Jiffy bags are built for peace of mind.


The Jiffy bag is the original postal bag made from Kraft paper and is filled with paper fibres giving excellent padded protection. The bottom flap is double glued for extra strength and safety too. All bags have a self-adhesive strip for ease of closure, perfect for cutting down time in those busy periods.




Even if your business isn’t the type to sell the products typically given as Christmas gifts, you might want to give your existing packaging a little festive cheer.


Bold and festive colours such as red and green will really make your packaging stand out this season!


Our bespoke service lets you take control of the design of your packaging. We can work with you to make your vision a reality!


Don’t overlook the importance of design this festive season. Small touches go a long way to let your customer know you’re as invested as they are. Contact our Packaging Pros today to find a bespoke solution perfect for you. We love a challenge.


christmas packaging



Branding is more important than ever in the saturated product marketplace. A strong brand image can help you stand out and give you the memorable edge this season. Having your brand on your product helps to make you stand out from your competition. It add to the ‘personal touch’ too.


Packaging branding is also a clever marketing tool. Branded products are easily recognised, so designing packaging with your details helps consumers remember your product next time around. Customer loyalty is key when there are other options available on the market.


Consider what your packaging is saying about your product and your brand. From logos to phone numbers, Springpack can work with you to get your company branding where it needs to be.


Choose Springpack for your festive requirements

Make this Christmas season your most successful one yet, with festive packaging solutions from Springpack. Whether you need wholesale sizes or stocking filler supplies, we’ve got you covered.


Whether you need book boxes or cardboard boxes, our range will ensure every product your customers receive is memorable!


Have you got a packaging solution to win over your customers this festive season? Contact Springpack on 01905 457 000 or email [email protected]


Make sure to order your deliveries in time for Xmas! 


Last orders for pre-Christmas delivery will be 3:30pm on Wednesday 21st December for delivery on Thursday 23rd.


Orders for delivery on the 3rd January must be placed by noon on the 23rd December.

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