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What is Eco-Friendly Packaging?

Eco-friendly packaging is recyclable, biodegradable or even compostable. It is often made from recycled products or sustainable alternatives, making it environmentally friendly. When thinking about eco-friendly packaging, we need to consider all stages of the supply chain. Not just the end-product.


As a packaging supplier, Springpack is aware of its position in the constantly evolving world of eco-friendly packaging. In the UK it is estimated that five million tonnes of plastic are used every year. Nearly half of that packaging is plastic. Therefore we strive to provide solutions for businesses to reduce that number.


We want companies to choose eco-friendly packaging for all the advantages it has to offer. That might be reducing waste or improving sustainability. Or even giving their eco-orientated customers the confidence to purchase from them.



What is the Most Eco-Friendly Packaging?

The most eco-friendly packaging is packaging that comes from sustainable sources and is entirely recyclable or biodegradable. However, there are various forms of eco-friendly packaging. For example, eco-friendly packaging could be compostable or made from 100% recycled materials.


Ultimately, it will depend on the solution you require for your products. If you sell fresh food and drink, compostable packaging would be an excellent solution. Alternatively, if you are an ecommerce retailer, using recyclable paper for your void fill will be the right choice.



What are Eco-Friendly Packaging Materials?

Eco-friendly packaging materials are manufactured from sustainable sources. They are easily recycled or biodegrade naturally. Through product innovation, the availability and affordability of eco-friendly packaging materials has increased significantly in recent years. In fact, it is now essential that businesses source eco-friendly packaging materials.


At a global level, businesses have seen the number of consumers who say they would be willing to pay more for sustainable or eco-friendly products grow to 57% in recent years. With accountability now being held by customers against businesses who don’t show eco-friendly options, or at least proof of environmental consciousness, you need to be aware of the changing world of packaging.


Here are some of our most important and innovative eco-friendly packaging materials. Each product could easily replace traditional plastic products you might be using.



1. Honeycomb Paper

Activa Eco Honeycomb Paper is the perfect alternative to traditional bubblewrap and foam. The paper packaging is fully recyclable and biodegradable and offers the same protections as bubblewrap.


This innovative and 100% natural eco-friendly product protects fragile products during storage and transit. Due to its flexibility, it can be used to wrap awkward shapes too. Gifts and ceramics are perfect products to wrap. And it also offers a superior finish when compared with bubblewrap.


Due to the design, the 100% kraft paper can be ‘stretched’ to increase the yield of usable paper. When stretched, the paper creates a honeycomb shape. This allows it to interlock with itself to secure the product. No tapes or adhesives are required.


Switching to the Activa Eco Honeycomb Paper will save you space too. Compared to a roll of bubblewrap, you could reduce the space required to store this product by up to 80%.


The paper can be easily torn by hard, but we recommend its use with the Activa Eco Honeycomb Paper Dispenser.



2. Biodegradable Gummed Paper Tape 


Gummed Paper Tape is eco-friendly and much stronger than standard packing tape. It’s also tamper-proof. This means the end customer can instantly tell if their package has been tampered with during transit. The tape is also great for the clean appearance of your packaging.


We have white and brown gummed paper tape available. You should match your tape colour with your box colour. We stock white and brown cardboard boxes as standard. If you’re looking for custom colours, we also offer bespoke packaging solutions.


Combined with a Paper Tape Dispenser, using Gummed Paper Tape can make your packaging process more efficient. Our Gummed Paper Tape rolls are available in 200m lengths for standard and a 100m length for our reinforced gummed tape option.


eco friendly tape



3. Eco Pillow Film

Eco pillow film is a great eco-friendly alternative to traditional bubblewrap. Blue Ocean Aeolos Eco Film contains 100% recycled content and is 100% recyclable. This makes it our most eco-friendly range of air cushion packaging to date. The film is predominantly used for the cushioning of delicate items ensuring they arrive fully intact.


The cushions, or air pillows, are simple to inflate. This means there is no need to allocate valuable warehouse space for bulky items, such as rolls of bubblewrap. The machines required to inflate the air pillows are also supplied free of charge by Springpack.



4. Paper Mailing Bags & Cardboard Boxes

Paper mailing bags are an environmentally-friendly alternative to polythene mailing bags. They are 100% plastic-free and designed to resist damage during transit.


Being confident that your products will arrive safely to your customers is a big deal. It is important for your customers, but also for you. Damaged goods will directly impact your bottom line through replacements and refunds. Tears or wear to your products caused by split packaging will result in negative impressions and feedback. The strong peel and seal closure ensures a secure fasten when closing the packaging.


Alternatively, sustainable box packaging is a great option to replace polythene mailing bags. This is especially true for eCommerce retailers. If your products fit inside a letterbox friendly box, you will always be able to deliver your products. Even when your customers are out.


Cardboard boxes and paper mailing bags can also be printed on for branding. This allows you to add an extra personal touch and instant recognition for your customer base. Cardboard boxes are stored flat-packed to save space. And eco-friendly paper mailing bags are easily stored and can have a 5-year shelf life.


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5. Kraft Paper 

Consumers are more focused now on all aspects of the supply chain. From the way packaging is produced to the delivery through to the disposal. Customers who receive their product in a packaging form that can’t be recycled may be unimpressed. After all, recyclability is the most important factor for customers who care about sustainability.


Kraft paper can be used to wrap anything from small gifts to gearboxes. It is available in 77gsm and 88gsm strengths for those heavy-duty requirements. Our Kraft Paper Rolls are available in 200m, 225m, 265m, 280m and 285m lengths. All provided at a great price to keep your packaging process and your costs under control.


eco friendly wrap




Do Customers Care About Eco-Friendly Packaging?

In a word, yes! 61% of consumers say they’re likely to switch to a brand that is more environmentally friendly than their current brand. So, choosing an eco-friendly alternative is positive for the environment. And it’s also great for your business and reputation.


Springpack has a wide environmental range of eco-friendly products. These products are innovatively designed to help the environment without sacrificing quality. Ordering your environmentally-friendly packaging from Springpack couldn’t be easier. Our eCommerce website makes putting together and placing your order simple.



Don’t forget, we deliver on the next working day if your order is placed before 3:30 pm! Contact Springpack today to find out more about how eco-friendly products can benefit your business. Call us on 01905 457 000 or email [email protected].

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