The Best Pallet Wrap

Pallet wrap is a favourite protective packaging material in the packaging world. It is most commonly used for securing goods for transportation and provides a quick and cost-effective solution to protecting products.

There are several types of pallet wrap, so how do you know which one is right for you? Read on to discover our

run-through of the best options available, and find the solution you are looking for.


What Is Pallet Wrap?

Pallet wrap, or ‘stretch film’, refers to the highly stretchable plastic film that is frequently used to wrap around goods on a pallet. It can be stretched by hand, or with the use of a wrapping machine. This stretchy and strong packaging material ensures the items are completely secured for transit.


Using the best pallet wrap to secure goods to a pallet ensures reduced rates of product loss and tampering. It also acts as a protective surrounding to outside conditions, such as dust and sunlight.


Coloured pallet wrap is also available and offers a number of advantages. Most simply, coloured wrap makes it easier to identify particular products quickly. This is really useful for goods that may be stored in out of reach areas of a warehouse. Blue wrap is food industry approved, so is regularly used to protect edible goods. Black wrap and tinted stretch film include properties that make them perfect for protecting electronic goods that should not be exposed to an excessive amount of sunlight.


Pallet wrap is a highly versatile product that is most commonly used in factories, manufacturing and storage. However, it is also a popular choice for bundling flat pack cabinets in the kitchen industry, protecting food and even windows. Pallet wrap is used for these items as the nature of the material means that items can be bundled together and protected without a sticky residue being left behind. This is because pallet wrap only sticks to itself and not to other surfaces, so it is ideal for protecting windows and furniture items from scratches, scuffs and marks during transit.


When To Use Pallet Wrap? 

If you are looking to protect a pallet of goods for transit from breakages, damage, or loss, a quality pallet wrap should be used.


Looking for a quality film that fits requirements for securing all loads can be a challenge. Our Xtrastretch wrap features multi-layers which create flexibility to cater for all loads and requirements.


Our blown stretch wrap is a high-quality pallet wrap as it has a higher degree of memory once stretched, allowing loads to be better secured than if wrapped in cast stretch wrap. A common issue faced with pallet wrap is the tearing of the wrap on the corners of the pallets when and after they have been wrapped. To overcome this, we suggest the use of blown stretch wrap as it has a higher tear resistance level which is advantageous when wrapping loads with sharp edges.


Pallet wrap can also be used for items in storage, for instance, loads in a warehouse that are wrapped in pallet wrap are protected from dust, rust and spillages. This packaging material also discourages pallet tampering and pilferage. If a tinted or black pallet wrap is chosen, the products wrapped inside are concealed and disguised. So by investing in the right pallet wrap you can provide the protection you need, ensuring that goods are delivered as they should be.


What Considerations Should You Take When Looking For Pallet Wrap? 

Finding the right pallet wrap for you can be difficult. We suggest that you always try before you buy! At Springpack, you can arrange a free trial to test out the pallet wrap before you make a decision.


We also suggest that you calculate the cost of wrapping a pallet so you can make the most cost-effective choice possible. Our new and exclusive Xtrastretch pallet wrap has 67% more film per roll than a standard 300m roll, making it a very cost-effective solution.


You should also consider the ease of use for the operator. The easier a wrap is to use, the quicker the operator can work. Xtrastretch is an extremely easy pallet wrap to use, as it dispensed from the roll smoothly and easily.


Xtrastretch pallet wrap


Best Pallet Wraps

There are many types to choose from, but what is best? That depends on the items you want to wrap.


At Springpack, we offer an extensive range of stretch film, including light blown, tinted, heavy-duty and pre-stretched. If you select the correct gauge of film, it’s possible to securely wrap almost any weight, shape or size of a pallet. Some of the best pallet wraps to do the job include:



Xtrastretch is a new and exclusive pallet wrap here at Springpack that has been designed to maximise efficiency and is able to secure a vast variety of goods.


Our Xtrastretch has 67% more film per roll than a standard 300m roll. This means that it can help reduce both storage space and drastically reduce the amount of downtime spent changing rolls. This pallet wrap is also extremely easy to use as the film dispenses off the roll smoothly and ensures less pressure on the operator’s body. Investing in Xtrastretch will ensure you have a more productive and cost-effective packaging process than ever!


The Xtrastretch wrap helps to overcome many of the common problems faced with pallet wrap. For instance, the unique blend of material that Xtrastretch is made of has been designed to give stronger puncture resistance. This means you are less likely to experience tearing on the corners of pallets, once they have been wrapped.


When choosing a pallet wrap you need to make sure that it will keep its strength so your load is stable during transit. Xtrastretch film is multi-layered to create flexibility to cater for all loads and requirements. Due to the quality of the film you can use a thinner material! It performs the same as wrap twice as thick.


This pallet wrap is an extremely cost-effective solution to your wrapping needs as it will save you time, money and space! By having 67% more film per roll than a standard roll, Xtrastretch will minimise your plastic usage by approximately 70%, helping you to reduce your carbon footprint.


Don’t forget, if you place your order before 2pm you will have Xtrastretch with you by tomorrow, so you can see how much you can save straight away!


Heavy Black Blown Megastretch Plus

Springpack’s black blown Megastretch is a black coloured UV stabilised security film. This type of pallet wrapping is used to disguise and secure high-value goods onto pallets. The black pallet wrap conceals sought-after items during transit to deter any tampering.


This type of pallet wrap is regularly used by the electronics, confectionery and games industries to conceal sought-after items. Our black blown pallet wrap is completely opaque to ensure your valuable items are concealed and secured effectively. It also provides UV light protection which is sometimes needed when transporting electrical goods.


Blue Tint Megastretch

At Springpack we also stock blue tint Megastretch. Durable and versatile, this tint pallet wrap is great for securing a whole range of goods to a pallet.


The blue tint comes in handy for a quick and easy way to identify a group of products. As previously mentioned, blue wrap is food industry-approved, so it’s great for wrapping food products.


Heavy Blown Megastretch

Our Heavy Blown Megastretch is a great choice to wrap your pallets in. You can easily minimize damage to products in your facility by using heavy blown Megastretch to hold goods together. Moving wrapped goods around via forklift or pallet jack creates much less risk of items getting damaged than carrying loose boxes by hand. The heavy blown Megastretch pallet wrap has excellent protective and securing qualities that make it an ideal purchase.


Blown stretch wrap offers a higher load and stretch capacity. Our heavy blown pallet wrap also has a higher tear resistance than cast stretch film, meaning it is ideal for securing any loads with sharp edges.


pallet wrap


So, What Is It Made From?

Pallet wrap is a plastic film most commonly made from linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE). The manufacturing process involves heating and compressing resin at the specific temperature, according to the viscosity required. It is then pushed through an annular die to create a continuous layer of plastic. Other resins and additives can be included such as pigment, tackifier and UV resistance.


As mentioned, pallet wrap is made from LLDPE. As this is classed as category four in recycling programmes, the material can be recycled. This means you can reduce your business’s packaging wastage. Whilst it can’t be collected and recycled with hard plastics, it is often accepted at collection points in some supermarkets. It may be possible to re-use it too.


To successfully recycle your wrap you must ensure it is clean, with no sticky labels present. You can find your closest recycling facility by entering your postcode in the Recycle Now website.

Where To Buy

Springpack offer a vast range of wrap for all applications. With wraps from the cost-effective Xtrastretch, to black UV stabilised security film, we have the solution you need! Our pallet wrap is sold in boxes of six and available for next working day delivery on all orders placed before 3:30pm!


It couldn’t be easier to order online with Springpack. To make significant savings on your packaging costs, why not switch our Xtrastretch. Place your order today!



Packaging doesn’t need to be a headache, and at Springpack we can ensure you find exactly what you’re looking for. Call us today on 01905 457 000 to discuss your requirements, or e-mail [email protected]. Don’t forget to take a look at our YouTube channel for more information on the products we recommend!

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