Xtrastretch: The Eco Friendly Pallet Wrap

When it comes to reducing your plastic usage, reviewing your Pallet Wrap is a great place to start. With varying sizes and thicknesses, there are lots of options available, but why not look at a greener alternative? Our Simply Eco by Springpack Xtrastretch film is now manufactured with 30% recycled material, making it our most eco friendly Pallet Wrap to date!


We have worked with our suppliers to specifically design an eco friendly Pallet Wrap. And we’ve not stopped there! As our new blend of Simply Eco by Springpack Xtrastretch contains 30% recycled material, it is exempt from the UK Plastic Packaging Tax, meaning you can go green and save money. Going green has never been so cost effective! For more information on what we are doing about the Plastic Tax, please click here to read our blog.



So what are the benefits of switching to Simply Eco by Springpack Xtrastretch?

Exclusive to Springpack, and manufactured from a 67 layer lattice construction, Simply Eco by Springpack Xtrastretch offers superior performance, with the added benefit of improving your green credentials. And due to the quality of the film, it even performs the same as wrap twice as thick. Can your current solution compete with that?


With 67% more film per roll than a standard 300m roll, this gives you the benefit of reducing time changing rolls. You’ll also save on storage space too! This product will save you time, money, space and reduce your plastic usage. To see the real difference, 144 rolls of our brand new Simply Eco by Springpack Xtrastretch contains the same amount of wrap as 240 rolls of any standard wrap!



Is Xtrastretch Pallet Wrap recyclable?

In short, yes! In fact, all of our Pallet Wraps are 100% recyclable. What’s more, plastic can be recycled an infinite amount of times too!



Why choose Simply Eco by Springpack Xtrastretch?

Our Simply Eco by Springpack Xtrastretch Pallet Wrap is 500M in length, and 400mm wide, so you get 67% more film than a standard 300m roll – this will save you the hidden cost of constantly changing rolls.


As Simply Eco by Springpack Xtrastretch contains 30% recycled material it is exempt from the UK Plastic Packaging Tax.


All of our Pallet Wrap’s are 100% recyclable, so put us to the test today.



Your next steps

If you haven’t tried Simply Eco by Springpack Xtrastretch yet, why not contact us for a free, no obligation trial. You can either call us on 01905 457 000, or e-mail [email protected].

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