A More Sustainable Springpack

Over the last 12 months, the whole team at Springpack have been working really hard to reduce our waste. This also includes being more sustainable, and ensuring as many items as possible are recycled. And today’s the day we get to share our most recent results with you…


Working alongside our partner, Biffa, we are delighted to announce that a staggering 99.92% of all our of waste has been diverted from landfill. This means that almost everything we have been unable to re-use ourselves, has therefore been recycled! This is a massive achievement, and something the whole team are incredibly proud of.




Ian Ford, our Operations Manager, commented: “There has been a real focus on sustainability over the last year or so. And the figures published today show the hard work is paying off.”


Chris Clarke, our Marketing Manager, continued: “At Springpack, we practice what we preach. No only do we offer eco-friendly packaging solutions, but we’re striving to be more sustainable ourselves. Keep an eye out for our next announcement on our eco credentials too!”



If you want to make the change to a more sustainable future, we have a range of environmentally friendly products available. Why not take a look at how your company could go greener, and improve your sustainability today? For further help and advice on how your company can choose greener packaging options, give one of our Packaging Pros a call on 01905 457000 or e-mail [email protected].

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