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Cotswold Collections: Bespoke Box Packaging

Cotswold Collections was founded in 1993 as a women’s designer clothing brand and is based in the beautiful Regency spa town of Cheltenham. From quality versatile essentials to more luxurious pieces, Cotswold Collections aspires to create a style that lasts a lifetime.


Cotswold Collections accept nothing less than the highest standards for their clientele which is why Springpack knew that we could provide them with a service that could compliment theirs fantastically.


With decades of experience on our side as well as theirs and knowledge for the bespoke, the partnership was an unrivalled blend of ambition and mutual understanding to create the best product possible.


Bespoke packaging: the challenge

Cotswold Collections required a service that would provide them with high quality tailored packaging uniquely fitted to reflect and maintain the calibre of their products.


Their brief entailed that they wanted discreet packaging with bold branding.


However, there was more to the box than the aesthetic of the image itself. It was also essential that it be simple to assemble for the warehouse team and had to meet demands of specific products. For example, heavier knitwear and handbags would require a deeper box in order to make the product fit inside the packaging.



Bespoke packaging: the challenge

Here at Springpack, we know how important bespoke packaging is to communicate and strengthen your brand. Designing Cotswold Collections packaging the way we did, incorporating bold prints and their contact details, improves customer experience and ensures consumers keep coming back.


Cotswold Collections’ business is growing and with a recent launch into America, it was more important than ever to ensure customer expectations were met – especially when launching into a new market. As a result of our packaging integrating into Cotswold’s brand, customers have taken to Trustpilot to express their very positive thoughts about the bespoke packaging.



Why choose us as your bespoke packaging manufacturer?

Cotswold Collections selected us to deliver them with a high quality packaging solutions because we’re great at what we do, and we pay careful attention to detail.


Not only are our bespoke designs offered at a competitive price but with our hard-working, experienced approach means there are no opportunities for less than the best. From cardboard packaging boxes to protective packaging, we listen and take into account your requirements, and deliver everything you need to solve your tailored packaging problems.


Our ability to provide all of the above combined with stockholding, means that a next day delivery option ensures that e-commerce environments never have to slow down to meet the desires and demands of their consumers. This means that with Springpack’s short lead times, you can manage and meet the demand without having to stockpile your own warehouse.



When it came to working in partnership with Cotswold Collections, we ensured that’s we delivered a versatile solution in a price friendly manner. We’ve been providing top quality customer service for a long time but don’t just take our word for it.


When asked about our products and service, a representative from Cotswold Collections said: “Springpack’s reps are consistent in keeping in touch with their clients’ needs and making sure everything is running smoothly”.


Not to mention they enjoyed the occasional treats and a Christmas hamper that made them really feel like “a valued customer”.


So, when it comes to finding bespoke packaging manufacturers in the United Kingdom, don’t hesitate to join the number of companies that have already benefited from our quick, efficient and high quality service.


To find out how we can provide your company with fantastic tailored packaging, contact us today. You can talk to one of our friendly representatives on 01905 457 000 or drop us an e-mail at [email protected], we’re always happy to help

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