Wildcare: The Paper Tape Journey

Over the years, Wildcare have curated an ever-expanding range of ecology and conservation equipment. The range features cutting edge acoustic monitoring devices for birds and bats, as well as ethically and sustainably sourced products selected with ecologists in mind.


The team at Wildcare shares one common mission. To work together with suppliers, customers and the ecology community to protect the natural world. By connecting and collaborating with organisations such as Springpack, we can ensure we bring ethically innovative solutions and engaging experiences to our customers and community.


The Challenge

Prior to working with Springpack on an eco-friendly Paper Tape, the team at Wildcare were using a standard vinyl tape. Being a company in the ecology sector, it was vital to be using the greenest, packaging solutions on the market. This was the challenge put to us. And by working closely with the team, we came up with a couple of different options to suit their requirements. Carmen, Marketing Executive at Wildcare, commented. “Springpack were recommended to us, and are known for being a reliable and trusted supplier”. Carmen continued. “Springpack are known to have a strong eco offering, which was the primary reason we were looking to change our tape”.



The Product

Making the switch from a standard vinyl tape to an eco-friendly Paper Tape was the obvious choice when looking for an alternative. Carmen continued “I had actually had prior experience using Springpack’s Paper Tape, and I was really impressed with its durability and strength.” This really set the wheels in motion. The next step was to assess any requirement for branded tape, to enhance the finish of a product when packed.



The Bespoke Design

When it comes to looking at either a bespoke product, or a bespoke design, we adopt 5 simple steps: Discuss, Design, Sample, Amend and Produce. This is the exact process we followed to provide Wildcare with their new Paper Tape. Carmen continued “After sending our logo across, we received a mock-up of how the branded tape would look. We then placed a small order from this, as we wished to trial the Paper Tape. It excelled, and there was no compromise in switching to the eco Paper Tape.”


Paper Tape



What Impact Has The Paper Tape Had On Your Business?

Although the Paper Tape has only been in circulation for a few months, it’s fantastic to hear everything is going well for Wildcare. Hayden, from the Customer Service and Sales Team at Wildcare, commented “The tape looks great. It’s really aesthetically pleasing. As we re-use boxes, it ensures we can feature our brand and offer an excellent finish to the parcel.” Hayden continued “As we know, first impressions always count, and our cardboard postage boxes are no exception! In fact, our customers have commented about how good it looks on the box!”


Paper Tape


Carmen added “As an ecology company, we seek to embody our values of supporting the environment wherever possible. Switching to eco Paper Tape was the perfect way to further move towards more sustainable business operations, as well as reducing the plastic use within our company.”


In addition to the different look and feel, the Paper Tape creates a strong bond to the carton, offering an extra level of security. This, blended with the excellent branding, means the team at Wildcare are now using the most eco-friendly tape on the market, enhancing their own green credentials as they go.



The Springpack Service

We really pride ourselves on the service we offer here at Springpack. So it’s great to read comments like this from Carmen. “The service has been prompt and thorough. The design process required specific confirmation, and checking to ensure there was no room for error, which meant we received exactly what we wanted.”


From start to finish, we worked in partnership with Wildcare. We listened to their needs, and worked hard to offer the best possible product and service. We are all incredibly happy with the finished product. What’s more, it’s great to see boxes going out that are more in-tune with their company values.



So, What’s Next?

Next on the agenda for Wildcare is an alternative to using Bubblewrap as a form of protection. Discussions are currently underway about our new Bubblewrap that contains 30% recycled material. A series of paper-based solutions are being looked at too. Keep an eye out for an announcement on Simply Eco by Springpack very soon!


When it comes to looking at this sort of alternative, it’s vital to ensure we can reduce breakages and returns. Offering a greener solution that does this is even better!


We are really excited about our on-going relationship with Wildcare! Watch this space for future eco-friendly developments with the team there!



If you would like to find out more about any of our eco-friendly products, give the Packaging Pro’s a call today on 01905 457 000, or e-mail [email protected].

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