What is Connected and Smart Packaging?

Connected Packaging, Sometimes called Smart Packaging, is one of the latest innovations in the packaging industry.

The terms refer to the addition of QR Codes, Barcodes, NFC or Smart Sensors into your packaging.

This digital transformation in packaging has an incredible number of uses and is already changing the packaging industry.

Smart Sensors can be integrated into chilled food packaging, ensuring that the food is still at a safe temperature for the customer when it is opened.

NFC tags allow for communication with smart devices and NFC readers and can contain delivery data, product details or promotional details when scanned.

Barcodes and QR codes are printed directly on the packaging. This will allow inventory scanners to seamlessly access details about what is inside the box, without opening it. They can also allow for end users to scan the package and be taken to your website, or an end-user survey.

Why should I Implement Smart Packaging?

Implementation of connected packaging is an incredibly efficient way of putting information into the user’s hands.

For example, an E-Commerce company may like to add QR code to their bespoke packaging. When the customer receives their packaging, they can scan the code and open a thank you message, a survey or a how-to video or the company’s website so they can reorder.

A chilled food supplier will implement Smart Sensors to their chilled goods. The sensor can detect any changes in the temperature of the food, and ensure that the food will remain at a safe temperature when it arrives at its destination.

A distribution company may add barcodes that contain product information to each box. Meaning that the box does not have to be opened to see what is inside, and any changes to inventory can be made.

How to scan a QR code:

Scanning a QR code has never been easier. Most modern smartphones with cameras already have the software needed to scan any code on smart parcel boxes.

Simply open your camera app, and point the camera to the QR Code. A prompt will then open on the screen to complete the action contained within the QR code. This is usually opening a website. 

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