Underspecced Packaging Hurts Ops – Why?

Using a packaging product that is not of a high enough specification for your packaging process can lead to high damages returns and loss of product during transportation.



Leading Packaging Automation Specialists, Lantech, estimate that 1 in every 200 products are damaged in transit. In this manual, we’ll delve into the typical ways in which unsuitable packaging can negatively impact your business activities.


Commonly Under Specced Packaging Products are:

  • Pallet Wrap
  • Tape
  • Boxes
  • Void Fill


Pallet Wrap Failure:


Load stability is incredibly important when it comes to palletised goods. Unfortunately, we cannot always guarantee our loads will be uniform, meaning they can become unstable easily.


If your pallet wrap is not of a high enough specification for your needs, this can lead to movement and damages on the pallet.


Switching the pallet wrap or technique can significantly improve your load stability. Products such as Armour Wrap are technical innovations, designed to improve load stability, whilst reducing your plastic use.



The Wrong Tape For The Job


There are lots of different types of tapes, adhesives and backings to choose from, and some tapes work better for different applications.


Should your tape not meet the appropriate specifications for your use, it may not function as expected. The adhesive might get detached before it can establish a strong bond, or it might not adhere to your material in the first place!


For example, if you are applying the tape at a low temperature, a hot melt adhesive would not be suitable as the adhesive may become brittle.



Boxes Not Thick Enough


It’s a classic comedy sketch, someone picks up a cardboard box full of books and they all through the bottom. Unfortunately, it is less funny when that person is you, and the books are your products.


Using an under-specced box results directly in damages and loss of product. Instead, switching to a sturdier box may be more appropriate.



Void Fill Not Strong Enough


When protective packaging materials are compressed or burst, they are often no longer as effective for shock absorption.


Failure to shock absorb can lead to your packaging not correctly protecting your products.


Instead, switching to a more heavy-duty bubble wrap or paper can be a more effective void-fill solution.



Are Your Packaging Specs High Enough?


Why not book your free Springpack Packaging Review? One of our specialists will evaluate your packaging station and operations and suggest a packaging solution that meets your specifications.

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