The difference between cast and blown pallet wrap

Pallet wrap, also known as stretch wrap, is used to secure and protect items on a pallet. The film wraps around a pallet, either by hand, using a hand-held dispenser or by machine. Once products have been wrapped, they adhere to the film which creates tension and holds them steady.


But how can you be sure whether you need cast or blown wrap? Here are some helpful tips to decide which is the wrap for you.


pallet wrap


What is Cast film?


Cast stretch wrap is pallet wrap which is manufactured using a thermo-plastic material. This makes production faster and cheaper than the blown film alternative. It’s the more popular choice, with over 70% of the industry choosing this option to wrap and protect pallet loads.


Cast film is often produced abroad which ensures it is competitively priced, and it is considered a more sustainable option. It’s quiet when pulled off the roll and just requires a ‘pat’ to ensure it sticks safely to the pallet.


Something to remember about cast wrap, is that the wrap can continue to stretch – even once it has been applied. This can increase the chance of movement during transportation. Although the wrap is tear resistant, it’s not quite as robust as blown stretch film.



What is Blown film?


Blown film has a glue additive in it, which makes it slightly tacky. This allows it to adhere to products and pallets more easily, and is particularly useful if they need to be stored outside or in a draughty warehouse.


In the manufacturing process, air is blown into the heated plastic to speed up the cooling process. This makes the film stronger and less likely to rip. 


It is more price sensitive than cast film as it is mainly manufactured in the UK. The film can be quite noisy, and if two pallets are close together, it can be difficult to extract one of the pallets as it will create resistance. 



Which do I need?


The best film for you, is down to your company’s specific needs. 


As described above, cast film is often cheaper and considered more sustainable. It is by far the more popular choice as it efficiently seals pallets and protects against knocks and bumps. If you are looking for a pallet wrap to use inside a warehouse with minimal movement – it’s a great, cost effective choice.


However, if you transport pallets regularly, or need something that is going to protect and reduce movement to an absolute minimum – blown film would be a far better option for you. The elastic recovery of the product will ensure pallets are firmly held in place, and avoid movement.



Where can I buy pallet wrap?


Here at Springpack we stock both cast and blown wrap, along with a variety of products and accessories to go with them. One of the newest additions to our collection is Simply Eco by Springpack Xtrastretch Pallet Wrap. It contains 30% recycled content, meaning it’s exempt from the UK Plastic Packaging Tax! We aim to save you time, money, space and reduce your plastic usage.


Simply Eco by Springpack Xtrastretch


If you need further information – get in touch with the Packaging Pros. You can reach us by emailing [email protected] or by calling us on 01905 457 000.

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