STOROpack Error Codes

Welcome to our guide to STOROpack error codes. From time to time we get asked to help out with an error code on a STOROpack Mini Air Pro. And this handy guide has also the info you’ll need to know!


STOROpack Error Codes

Please see the below table containing STOROpack Mini Air Pro error codes:


Error Code Problem
E2 Temperature Sensor Failure
E3 Heat Pipe Failure
E4 Faulty Air Blower
PT100 Temperature Wire Fault


For all instances of the error codes, the machine will need to be seen by an engineer. On occasion, you may need to return it to the supplier.



An alternative air cushion packaging solution

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What’s more, if you can commit to taking a set number of rolls of film per month, we’ll even replace your old STOROpack machine with one of ours free of charge. Yes, you read that right, free of charge! Just take a look at our Blue Ocean Film, which is made of 100% recycled materials, and is still fully recyclable, in action!




Contact the Packaging Pro’s

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