Rubber Band Size Guide

Offices, warehouses, doctors’ surgeries… no matter where you look, you’re bound to see a few of these essential packaging and office supplies somewhere!

According to Wikipedia – Rubber bands were patented by Stephen Perry on 17th March (St Patricks Day) 1845.

So why are they everywhere? Simple. They are so versatile!

According to, there are 52 uses for a Rubber Band. From binding and storing items, to being used as hair ties, making rubber band balls and even a slingshot, they have so many uses. It’s worth noting, we would strongly recommend using them to bind items together!


So, now we know what they can be used for, why are there so many different sizes? That’s a simple one to answer too… due to the ability to use a humble Elastic Band for all kinds of applications, you need a choice of sizes to make sure it’s fit for purpose. Luckily for you, we have put together this handy Rubber Band Size Guide!



Band Sizes

Picking the length of an Elastic Band is fairly straight forward. Clearly, they are very stretchy, but it’s always prudent to measure the items you wish to bind before selecting the Rubber Band to use. The width of the Rubber Band is important too. It may seem obvious, but the thicker the band, the greater it’s strength.


Generally speaking, a thickness of between 1.5mm and 3mm is considered light duty. These are ideal for binding small, or lightweight items together, such as paperwork.


A thickness of 3.1mm up to 9mm are considered medium duty. Their extra strength means they can hold together large items together, such as lever arch files, or even some plastics.


If you are looking to hold together wood, you’d need to up the thickness again. Rubber Bands with a thickness greater than 9mm are considered heavy duty, and would be perfect for the job!

 To measure a rubber band, simply lay it on a flat surface, and measure the height and width.


Rubber Band Size Guide

Now that you know all you’ll ever need to know about Rubber Bands, it’s time to take the plunge, and order your Bands from Springpack!

There are many standard rubber band sizes, so we’ve created this helpful band size chart below is a great tool to check you have the right sizes when buying rubber bands.



Springpack Product Code Description Length Width Pack Size
609016 No. 16 63.5mm 1.6mm 454g Per Bag
609018 No. 18 76.2mm 1.6mm 454g Per Bag
609019 No. 19 88.9mm 1.6mm 454g Per Bag
609022 No. 22 100mm 1.6mm 454g Per Bag
609032 No. 32 76.2mm 3.2mm 454g Per Bag
609033 No. 33 88.9mm 3.2mm 454g Per Bag
609034 No. 34 101.6mm 3.2mm 454g Per Bag
609036 No. 36 127mm 3.2mm 454g Per Bag
609038 No. 38 152.4mm 3.2mm 454g Per Bag
609062 No. 62 60mm 6.3mm 454g Per Bag
609069 No. 69 152.4mm 6.3mm 454g Per Bag



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