Royal Mail Parcel Sizes

When shipping multiple items, miscalculation of parcel sizing can end up costing you a lot of money. It’s really important to ensure you have the right PIP (pricing in proportion) box for the parcel you’re sending. The Royal Mail use a series of weight and size restrictions to calculate postage costs.


We want to make it easier for businesses to select the correct parcel size. Once you know the size you require, browse our Postal Plus Range to find the perfect fit for your product.


Parcel Size Grid


For more information about how to present your mail and the most up-to-date information on packaging sizes, please visit the Royal Mail website.


Additional parcel options


Postal Tube is ideal for sending maps, posters or artwork in the post. If you can roll it, you can post it in a Postal Tube! Our 23 x 3″ Postal Tubes are manufactured from strong brown Kraft paper outer, and are supplied with polythene end caps. Please remember to allow 15mm at either end for the end caps. The caps fit snugly, but tape can be applied to add extra security.


For posting, the length of the item plus twice the diameter must be less than 104cm, with the greatest dimension less than 90cm.

23 x 3" Postal Tubes


We know that sometimes our customers need a little more help with bespoke products. We’re always on hand to help if you need us. Feel free to contact one of our Packaging Experts by calling 01905 457 000 or e-mailing [email protected].

Postal Plus Range

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