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Low cost alternative bundling system. Replaces messy tape or time consuming strapping, ideal for all bundling, collating and product stabilising applications. Easy to use tension control handle.


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Pallet top sheets are a low cost alternative bundling system. The pallet top sheets—made from polythene—can be used to replace tape or strapping. The polythene pallet top sheets have an easy to use tension control handle that will help to stabilise the items that you are palletising.

Pallet top sheets can also be used in addition to other bundling systems. That could be tape, strapping or pallet wrap. The polythene top sheets provide an additional layer of protection from dust and moisture during transit and storage.

If you need to store anything outside temporarily, a pallet top sheet is an ideal solution. The sheet will ensure your goods are kept free of moisture or dirt. Even inside warehouses, dust and dirt can become a problem when pallets are stored for long periods of time. A polythene pallet top sheet ensures your goods are kept clean of any dust and dirt swirling around a warehouse.

Applying a top sheet is also easy to do, allowing you to cover the entire contents of the pallet securely.

The sheets are available to be purchased singly or in any quantity you like to suit your needs. Please see the quantity break pricing for discounts available for bulk purchases.


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