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Composite polyester strapping has a high break strength and is perfect for loads that are likely to shift during transit. You will require a tensioner and metal buckles to use this strapping. This composite cord strapping, when paired with strapping buckles, has up to 756kg of system strength.


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Composite polyester strapping is the perfect lightweight alternative to steel strapping. This is such a popular alternative, it’s sometimes affectionately known as synthetic steel. 

Composite strapping has many benefits over its steel counterpart. For example, it has excellent material memory when compared to steel, so it can flex without losing any tension or causing damage to the strapped items. 

Polyester composite strapping has high linear rigidity, so allows for pallet feedthrough 


Key features and benefits: 


    • Plastic-coated cord polyester strapping – the best choice for highly abrasive surfaces
    • High linear rigidity facilitates pallet feed-through
    • 450kg break strain, up to 765kg system strength when paired with Safeguard strapping buckles. 
    • Strap width 19mm
    • Strap length 700m
    • 200 x 190mm cardboard core
    • 2 coils per case
    • Case weight 21.4kg
    • Must be used with a tensioner and metal buckles
    • Perfect for loads which may shift during transit
    • high abrasion protection


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